Spiral Tower Garden

Create interest on your patio or garden with this tower planter designed and constructed in a beautiful spiral shape that will bring an element of calm.

What you will Need for your Tower Planter

  • Wide-rim pot
  • 1 roll of small log edging
  • 2 bags of potting medium
  • Fertiliser
  • Plants/herbs


Spirit level, small garden spade


  1. Position the pot in the garden on level ground. Fill the pot to about two-thirds with potting soil medium and add fertiliser to the soil.
  1. Plan the log edging spiral and use potting medium to build underneath the log edging so that the centre of the spiral sits highest in the pot, as if on a hill.
tower planter
tower planter
  1. Back fill the slope of the log roll to provide plants with a soft pathway to the top. Plant up with your choice of edible or decorative plants.
tower planter
tower planter
tower planter
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