Stairway to Heaven with Runner Beans

Delicious runner beans are easy to grow, especially once you’ve made this simple tepee to help them upwards and onwards.

What you Need
Runner bean seedlings (‘Lazy Housewife’ is a good choice)
Bonemeal or superphosphate
3 bamboo sticks
Rope or twine

How to do it
1. Prepare by adding a bucket of compost and a handful of bone-meal to the soil and digging it in well.

Runner beans

2. Push the three bamboo stakes into the ground about 30cm apart, to form a triangle.

Runner beans

3. Tie the top of the stakes together with the twine and then make supports for the beans by wrapping the twine around the structure, moving downwards and making a loop around each stake as you go along to prevent it from sliding down. Tie it off at the bottom.

Runner beans

4. Plant the runner beans and water well.

The Gardener