Stone the Family


In keeping with the miniature gardening trend that has hit the country, we came up with this little stone project that will make everyone smile.

What you Need
• A piece of slate (a paver, pot tray or any flat base material will also do)
• A selection of stones in various sizes
• A glue gun and glue sticks (epoxy will also work, but we found that the glue gun works more quickly)
• White paint and an artist’s paint brush
• A black marker

1. Clean the stones to make sure they are free of dirt. Then, using the glue gun or epoxy, stick them onto the piece of slate. (Please note that children will need supervision when using the glue gun or epoxy.) Arrange them artfully, like a group family photo!


2. Paint eyes onto the stones to bring them to life. The family will usually be viewed from above, so the eyes need to be near the top of the stones and looking upwards.


3. Position your stone family in the garden. The ideal place is tucked under a shrub or some overhanging big leaves, so that they are a hidden surprise for children to find in the garden.

The Gardener