succulent tins

Upcycled Succulent Tins

There are many of us who can’t resist an old tin, particularly one with a retro look to it, and they can be made useful by turning them into planters. Upcycled succulent tins make an appealing rustic display grouped together.

What you need for your succulent tins

  • Old tins
  • Potting soil
  • Coarse sand or silica sand
  • Pebbles/gravel
  • Hammer 6-inch nail
  • Succulents

Do this

  1. Use a hammer and a nail to make holes in the bottom of the tin to aid drainage.
  2. Cover the bottom of the tin with a layer of gravel.
  3. Mix equal parts of sand and potting soil, and half-fill the tin.
  4. Plant succulents. Cuttings of succulents can also be used, as they will root Upcycled Succulent Tins GET CRAFTY over time. When planting, add more soil mixture if needed. Firm down the potting mixture around plants using the end of a trowel’s handle. Using a paintbrush, dust off soil that might have spilled onto plants. Add a layer of gravel around the plants.
  5. Place in full sun and water when the soil is dry.
TIP: When planting cacti and euphorbias, use a pair of braai tongs. This will prevent thorn injuries from cacti and possible sap irritation from euphorbias.
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