The Seed Snacker

Seed snacker

Seed Snacker: What You will Need
20 mm pine
Cutting list
1 x base (237 x 126 mm)
2 x house sides (265 x 126 mm)
1 x roof front (290 x 144 mm)
1 x roof back (290 x 124 mm)
2 x base front and back (237 x 35 mm)
2 x perch brackets (287 x 35 mm)
2 x perch (237 x 15 mm)
2 pieces of glass or perspex (190 x 202 mm)
22 x full-thread cut screws (4 x 35 mm)
2 x 75 mm recess hinges and screws
Wood filler
Undercoat and paint or sealer
Rope or chain (350 mm)
2 x fencing staples

Tape measure, pencil, cordless drill, countersink drill bit, glue gun, handsaw, wood chisel, hammer and paint brush

Seed snacker

1.Using a handsaw, cut out the house sides as per the template. Saw and chisel in the recess that will hold the glass.

Seed snacker

2.Drill all the holes with a countersink drill bit before securing. Use glue on the joints for a lasting construction. Starting with the base, glue and screw on the house sides from the bottom.

Seed snacker

3.Secure the base front and back in place, making sure to use the 35 mm side for the high edge. These pieces must be proud of the base in order to hold the seed and prevent it from pouring out. Slide the glass in place.

Seed snacker

4.Secure the perch brackets to the sides of the house and then fit the perches to them as shown in picture 5a.

5.Attach the roof front. Secure the hinges onto the roof back and then attach the other side of the hinges to the secured roof front. The hinges are necessary to allow you to open the seed snacker feeder when you need to replenish seed.

6.Thread the rope through the hinged joint on the roof and staple or nail it to the inside of the secured roof, making sure you don’t secure it to the hinged side of the roof.

7.Fill the countersunk screws with wood filler and allow it to dry. Sand all the sharp edges smooth.

8.Paint the wood with an undercoat and two coats of paint or a good wood sealer and allow to dry.

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