Tool Charging Station

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Keep your cordless tools organised and recharged with this practical DIY Tool Charging Station.

What you Need

  • 20mm pine cut to the following dimensions:
  • 1 x 490mm x 320mm (back)
  • 2 x 490mm x 235mm (shelves)
  • 2 x 320mm x 255mm (sides)
  • 4 x 235mm x 75mm (dividers)
  • 4 x 235mm x 55mm (divider bottoms)
  • 2 x 235mm x 20mm (outer bottoms)
  • 4mm x 30mm cut screws
  • Wood glue
  • Circular saw
  • Cordless driver
  • TorkCraft cordless mini sander
  • Geared eccentric orbital sander
  • Pencil
  • Clamps
  • Tape measure
  • Screw pilot drill bit

What You Do

1. Cut all the pieces to size, according to the cutting list.

2. On the sides, measure 200mm from the back along the top edge and make a mark. Measure 260mm from the bottom on the front edge and make a mark. Draw a line between these two marks and cut this triangle off.

Tool Charging Station

3. Sand all components.

Tool Charging Station

4. Glue and screw the divider bottoms to the dividers, after pre-drilling pilot holes with a screw pilot. The bottoms must be centred on the dividers.

Tool Charging Station

5. Attach the dividers to a shelf using glue and screws, again using pilot holes. The dividers should be 74mm apart.

6. Glue and screw the two outer bottoms to the bottoms of the sides, flush with the front.

7. Glue and screw the sides to the first shelf, so that the base of the bottoms is flush with the base of the sides and the front of the shelf is flush with the front of the sides.

8. Measure 10cm up from the first shelf, mark and then glue and screw the second shelf to the sides, flush with the front of the sides.

Tool Charging Station

9. Glue and screw the back in place.

Tool Charging Station

10. Give the unit a final sanding and seal it for longevity.

11. Mount the tool charging station on a garage wall, with a handy power supply.

These measurements worked for our cordless drills, but cordless drills come in all different sizes. Measure yours to see if they will fit in the compartments.

TorkCraft 12V Mini Sander

This compact sander from TorkCraft is just the thing for sanding in hard-toreach spots and for getting into the corners. It features a long-life lithium-ion battery, a fast charger and a removable dust collector that helps to keep your work area clean, while a battery power indicator makes sure you keep it charged for when you need it. It comes complete with three sandpaper pads, and is small enough for one-handed operation.

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