Transform the trash!

There is always something lying around the house or the garden shed, or some ‘trash’ tucked away in the rafters of the garage that can be put to good use. Take a look at these cool ideas.

A. This is an interesting take on a window box! If you don’t have a spare concrete washing basin but you fancy the look then you could buy one in kit form at your local hardware store, and they are really simple to put together. Plant it up with free-flowering New Guinea impatiens if you’re in a sub-tropical region. Splashes of primulas would look good in it in the winter.


B. Sitting pretty! These Graptopetalum look quite at home in this old chair; the missing seat was replaced with chicken wire, lined with landscaping fabric (coir would also do the trick) and filled with potting soil. You could try just about any plant you like in this quirky container.


C. This is the first time I’ve seen a bath used like this. It certainly took a bit of angle grinding, but for that its owners got a really unusual feature and from unwanted “trash”. In this semi-shaded courtyard the Begonia Dragon Wings in it are thriving.

The Gardener