Treat your Tools Right


With a few minor alterations and a splash of paint, a pallet can be transformed into a handy tools storage unit.

What you Need
1 x pallet
4 x 30 mm wire nails
Paint (we used Evolve Leafy Spring)
7 x Terry tool clips (28 mm)
8 wood screws (to attach and hang tools)
2 x 75 mm x 10 mm nail-in screws

Hammer, sandpaper, paint brush, hammer drill, 10 mm masonry drill bit.

1. Remove the second-to-last slat from the pallet, using a hammer.


2. Nail the removed slat to the top of the third slat, to form a shelf.


3.Sand the pallet and then paint the wood with a wood primer. When it is dry, paint the pallet with at least two coats of paint.

4. Lay out the tools you want to hang from the pallet and mark their positions. Attach clips or toolspecific hooks.

5.Drill two holes in your wall and hammer in the nail-in screws, leaving approximately 25 mm exposed. Mount the pallet by resting the back crosspiece on the protruding screws.

The Gardener