Trust in Sika Strength

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You can trust the strength and durability of the Sika universal anchoring adhesive, SikaAnchorFix® S.


Sika AnchorFix® S is a fast-curing adhesive for securing rebar, threaded bars and bolts into concrete, natural stone and rock. Use Sika AnchorFix® S to put up brackets to hold bicycles, attach a satellite dish or security system to the walls of your house, make your own floating shelf, or even secure a gate to a wall. In fact, Sika AnchorFix® S can do anything you can think of that requires securing heavy loads to concrete or stone.

It is very easy to use if you follow these simple steps:


1. Unscrew the cap and cut the film.


2. Screw on the static mixer and place the cartridge into the gun to start the application.

To place anchors into concrete or brick walls, do the following:


1. Drill a hole into the concrete/brick to the required hole diameter.

2. Clean out the hole with air and a steel brush and make sure your threaded bar is clean of all oils.

3. Squeeze the AnchorFix® S onto a piece of scrap wood or cardboard until both components come out uniformly. Inject into the hole, starting from the back of the hole and drawing back slowly to avoid air pockets from forming.

4. Insert the threaded bar into the hole in a circular motion. Curing time depends on the ambient temperature. At a temperature of between 20°C – 25°C, the curing time will be around 40 minutes. Make sure your anchor is not moved or loaded during this time.

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