Unique Water Feature

Water Feature

Build your own tiered water feature using pots with the same design, but in three different sizes, for a unique focal point in your garden.

What you Need
• 3 pots: small, medium and large These striking pots were supplied by Silk Road Arts. Download the Silk Road Arts pot catalogue from www.silkroadarts.co.za, or phone 011 450 3542.
• Flow 700 Waterfall Garden Pump The pump was supplied by KLB Engineering. Visit www.klbengineering.com
• 1 PVC pond basin (300 mm diameter)
• 4 half concrete blocks
• marine silicone sealant
• 4 spades river sand
• cement mixture made from 1 spade cement to 2 spades building sand, plus water

Drill and 22 mm masonry bit, silicone sealant applicator, spirit level, trowel

Step 1. Decide where the feature is to be placed, and bear in mind that you will need an electrical point to power the pump.

Water Feature

Step 2. Drill a hole through the centre of the base of each pot. Place the PVC basin upside down on the ground and mark around its edge with sand. Using this mark as a guide, dig a hole for the basin, 50 mm deeper than the basin. Line the base of the hole with a 50 mm layer of river sand. Compact and smooth the sand, check the levels, place the basin in the hole and check the levels again.

Water Feature
Water Feature

Step 3. Place 2 half blocks in the basin, leaving enough space between them for your hand to fit in when you need to work with the conduit later. Cover the top edges of these blocks with a layer of the cement mixture and carefully place the largest pot on the blocks. Push one end of the conduit pipe through the hole in the pot into the space between the blocks and seal the hole with silicone.

Step 4. Use cement to secure a half block in the centre of the pot (the conduit goes through the hole in the block). Line the top of the block with cement and carefully slide the second pot into position, easing the conduit through the hole in the base. Seal around the conduit with silicone. Repeat this process to position the third pot. Make sure all the levels are correct as you work.

Water Feature

Step 5. Allow the cement and silicone to dry thoroughly, then place the pump in the basin and connect it to the conduit. Fill the basin with water, plug in the electrical cord, switch on and watch as the water flows in your new unique water feature.

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