A Wall of Pots DIY

With a few tools, a little reclaimed timber and Woodoc 50, you can make this stunning wall of pots DIY feature.

What you will need

Use reclaimed pine for your wall of pots DIY cut to:

  • 7 x 1000mm x 90mm x 20mm (wall pieces)
  • 2 x 630mm x 90mm x 20mm (crosspieces)
  • 2 x 1000mm x 30mm x 20mm, with 45° angles at both ends (frame uprights)
  • 2 x 630mm x 30mm x 20mm, with 45° angles at both ends (frame cross pieces)
  • Woodoc 50 Marine – Clear, Matt
  • Mineral turpentine
  • 9 metal pot holders (available from leading garden centres)
  • 9 pots (to fit the pot holders – ours are 10cm)
  • 4mm x 35mm wood screws
  • 4mm x 25mm wood screws
  • Wall anchors

Tools: Measuring tape, cordless drill, 3mm drill bit, driver bit, pencil, sander, flat spatula, paint brush, steel wool, dry cloth

How To Make Your Wall of Pots

  1. First up, cut one of the crosspieces lengthways at a 45° angle. (This is to make a French cleat* to hang the wall hanging up, and is optional.)
  2. Screw the 7 wall pieces to one of the crosspieces, with the ends flush, using 35mm screws.
  3. At the other end, screw the 7 wall pieces to one half of the crosspiece that was cut at a 45° angle. (Or just the other crosspiece, if you’re not using a French cleat.)
  4. Screw the frame into place around the edges of the wall, with the 45° angles meeting at the corners.
  5. Time to seal with Woodoc 50 Marine – Clear, Matt. First, sand the wood down until smooth.
  6. Wipe down the wood with a cloth, dampened with mineral turpentine. Leave to dry.
  7. Open the Woodoc 50 Marine and stir well with a flat spatula.
  8. Apply three coats of Woodoc 50 Marine. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next coat. Sand lightly with fine steel wool after the first and second coats had dried. Once sanded, wipe down the surface of the wood with a clean, dry cloth to remove all dust, then wipe down the surface with a cloth, dampened with mineral turpentine and allow to dry. Do not sand after the third coat had dried.
  9. Space the pot holder brackets out equally and screw them to the wood with 25mm screws. Hang the pot holder wall decoration to the wall, either by the French cleat or with wall anchors. Now all that’s left to do is pot up the pots! A French cleat? A French cleat is a great way to hang heavy items on a wall. It is a plank split lengthways at a 45° angle. One length is screwed to the wall and the other to the item to be hung.
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