A Water Feature – In an Hour!

water feature completed

The water features now available in kit form make it possible to add a water feature to a garden almost instantly. There is a variety of styles so it’s more than likely that you will find one that suits your garden, and if you cover the basin with a wire grid it becomes child-friendly too. Here’s how to go about installing one of these water features.

What you Need

Natural art fountain
Wire grid (cover)
PVC basin
Clear tubing
Pump (Dragonfli DF 880)

Tools and Other Products

  • 1 bag river sand
  • 4 bags large pebbles (make sure pebbles are bigger than the holes in
  • the wire grid)
  • spade and spirit level

1.Decide where the water feature will be sited, put the basin in position and then turn it upside down and mark its outline with river sand.

2.Dig out the area to a depth that will accommodate the basin plus an additional 50 mm for a layer of sand on the bottom.

3.Pour in the river sand, spread it around the base of the hole and then firm it down, making sure it is compact and level.

4.Place the basin in the hole. Connect the plastic piping to the pump and place the pump in the basin. Put the electrical cord (that will connect the pump to the plug point) in position. Preferably encase it within conduit and lay it in a channel and then cover it with soil. Place the grid on the basin and make sure it is level.

5.Connect the loose end of the plastic piping to the fountain (there is a hole through the centre of the fountain to accommodate it).

water feature assembly

6.Cover the grid with pebbles.

water feature rocks

7.Fill the basin with water and test the system before beginning the planting.

water feature starting
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