Water Gardening

Go with the Flow

Water features to freshen up your garden design.

Close your eyes. Imagine a relaxing spot in your garden – the one place you go when you need a break from the world. A space to wind down and be at peace. Imagine the fresh air, the sounds of birds and leaves rustling around you as sigh and sink into nature and all its glory. Regardless of what you imagined, I guarantee it could be made considerably better with the addition of a water feature (unless you already imagined one, in which case props to you).

The sound of water naturally soothes us, as our brain interprets the sound as non-threatening and can even induce a meditative state. A modern water feature in your garden also screams ‘I’m a pro at garden design. I’ve put tons of thought into this, and I have my life together!”, even if you definitely aren’t, haven’t, or don’t. We are here to cover the design part for you so you can make your imaginary perfect spot a reality in your own backyard.

Starting small

Water features and their technologies can be daunting. To dip your toe rather than jumping right in, start with one of the smaller features. Small water features look best nestled amongst other plants, to fit in rather than stand out. Owing to their size, the water streams are smaller too, meaning less noise, a possible benefit if the feature is close to the house. Going smaller tends to be less costly and less technical, making them a great option for a short weekend project that has long-lasting benefits.

Small spherical features placed amongst plants in a bed can soften a structured garden and complement the surroundings. As the water runs along the curves, features like these can also be less noisy if a quiet oasis is what you’re after.

Finding the middle ground

So you’re not afraid of water features, but maybe you’re on a budget or have limited garden space? There are tons of features that fit in the ‘medium size’ category for you to choose from. Waterfall features using stacking rocks are great for optimizing size and shape according to the space you have available, and let you add a bit more creativity to the project. For some structure, built-in feature pillars with singular spouts and a small pond are perfect, or you can stick to the traditional with a classic standing fountain.

Quirky water features can be thrown together with a few elements from your tool shed or garage. This rustic feature fits perfectly in water-wise gardens and doesn’t take up too much space.

Thinking big

This category is for the gardeners looking to make a show-stopping addition to their garden. Large water features are not for the faint-hearted, as the potential complications increase with size, but the payoff is worth it. Bigger ponds provide gardeners the opportunity to explore the world of aquatic plants usually unknown to most of us. These ponds can be combined with running water in a variety of ways, but be aware that higher volumes of water can come with more noise. Whether the statement piece of your backyard or a welcoming fountain in your driveway, large water features are guaranteed to wow.

No matter the size, any water feature can enhance your garden design when done right. Soon you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy what was once only a part of your imagination.

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