Wooden Box Table

This set of simple wooden boxes transforms into a coffee table or stools.
When making this set of ‘furniture’, we prepped and sealed the wood with Woodoc 30 before we began assembly. This allowed us to make sure that all the edges were sealed, which is difficult once the slatted boxes are made.

You need

Pine in the following dimensions (for four boxes):

  • 32 x 750mm x 100mm x 20mm (sides)
  • 16 X 790mm X 100mm X 20mm (bottom)
  • 32 x 400mm x 100mm x 20mm (ends)
  • 16 x 400mm x 30mm x 30mm (cleats)
  • Woodoc 30 Exterior Polywax Sealer
  • Woodoc Stain Concentrate (we used the Teak stain)
  • 300 x 4mm x 40mm wood screws
  • Mineral turpentine


Saw, sander and 150-grit sandpaper, cordless drill driver and driver bit, 2mm drill bit, paintbrush, steel wool, cloth.

To do

The steps are to make ONE box. Repeat the steps to make a set of four.

1. Sand the wood until smooth.

2. Wipe down the wood with a cloth that has been dampened with mineral turpentine. Leave to dry.

3. Open the Woodoc 30 and stir well with a flat spatula. Shake the Woodoc Stain Concentrate thoroughly and pour into the Woodoc 30. Stir well with a flat spatula. Also stir during application.

4. Apply three coats of the tinted Woodoc 30. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next coat.

5. Sand lightly with fine steel wool after the first and second coats have dried.

6. Once sanded, wipe down the surface of the wood with a clean, dry cloth to remove all dust, then wipe down the surface with a cloth that has been dampened with mineral turpentine and allow to dry. Do not sand after the third coat. 

7. Once your timber is protected from the elements, make the boxes: Start by screwing four 750mm x 100mm planks to a 30mm x 30mm cleat, flush with the ends and evenly spaced.

8. Screw the other ends of the four 750mm x 100mm planks to a second 30mm x 30mm cleat, evenly spaced. One side panel is made – repeat these steps to make another side panel.

9. Join two side panels together with four 400mm x 100mm planks, aligning the planks to those on the sides.

10. Turn the box over and join the other ends of the side panels together as in step 10.

11. Add the top to the box by first drilling 2mm pilot holes and then screwing four evenly paced planks to the ends.


For maintenance on your sealed boxes, use Woodoc Deep Penetrating Weatherproof Wax or Woodoc Patio. These products will revitalise and prolong the life of the surface coating.

The Gardener