Easter Cactus and Whitsun Cactus.


Hatiora is a prolifically blooming cacti with fleshy, jointed or segmented stems with a slightly pendant or drooping growth habit and is a popular plant for hanging baskets.

They originate from forested or rocky areas in Brazil and can grow in little or no soil, often being treated as epiphytes in warm, sub-tropical regions. They enjoy shaded or semishaded growing conditions and regular watering, despite being cacti.

In late spring they produce vibrant, trumpet flowers on the ends of their multi-branched stems. Hatiora Gaertnerii has rich, scarlet blooms whilst Hatiora Rosea produces rose pink flowers. A number of other colour variations are found, including salmon and orange. The common name alludes to their flowering time in the Northern hemisphere. Hatiora was previously placed under the genus Rhipsalidopsis, a name that is still often used locally.

They are easy to grow and are often brought indoors whilst in bloom. After they finish flowering return them to their preferred position outdoors in a frost free, shaded area. In cold climates they require plenty of winter protection.

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