Grow Fuchsias From Cuttings

Fuchsias, with their beautiful and exotic flowers, are perfect additions to summer gardens, patio pots and hanging baskets. Don’t forget that Fuchsias are best when planted in shade or semi-shade but will cope in a position with morning sun and afternoon shade.

1. Take softwood cuttings in early summer.
2.Use a soil medium made up of equal parts of coarse river sand and palm peat or fine bark.
3. Place cuttings in a solution of EcoBuz RootPro which stimulates healthy root growth and reduces bacterial infections.

4. Dip your cuttings in rooting hormone before inserting them in your moist soil medium.
5. Place cuttings in a cool place in the shade. They will root within 4 – 6 weeks, after which each rooted cutting can be planted in 10cm pots in quality potting soil.
6. Plant young plants into bigger pots or into the garden as soon as their roots have filled the small pots – it should take 4 – 6 weeks.
The Gardener