Gardening in Miniature

Gardening In Miniatures

At some point or another when we were younger we all loved seeing and playing with a miniature version of the world we live in. Girls played with doll houses and boys played with train sets and dinky cars. Today the world has changed, but small-scale joy is still seen in villages built out of Lego and fairies joining dinosaurs in the playground.

Gardening in miniature is the latest gardening trend, taking the world by storm one tiny step at a time.  It suits both young and old, and is a great weekend project to divert young minds away from screens and towards nature.

Even if you’re not an expert gardener, gardening in miniature always seem to turn out cute – finding your creative spirit is what it’s all about!  And there’s no better therapy than the building and tending of the land you first saw in your imagination and dreams.