How to create a bed in your lawn – Perma Edge

Perma Edge

Learn how to get perfect edges in your garden with help from Perma Edge. Here we are making a bed by outlining a circle around a tree, a quick and easy way to uplift the grass area and beds surrounding it. You can outline any size or shaped area with these convenient steel pieces.

Perma Edge

1.Mark out the area by using string attached to a centred wooden stake. A can of spray paint attached to the string will help get a perfect circle as you move around from the centre point marking the area.

Perma edge

2.Dig out any grass and make sure the surface is smooth and free of large rocks.

Perma Edge

3.Lock your Perma Edge pieces together and outline the circular area. The galvanized steel pieces are easily locked together for however many metres you need.

Perma Edge

4.Tap the pieces into the ground with a wooden block and hammer. The steel pieces should be level with the grass so they can be mowed over without damaging the mower.

5.Once the area is edged, stamp the ground to impact and check the levels.

6.Line the entire area with weed control fabric and add your mulch. Depending on the depth of your area, you could fill the area with plants instead of mulch.

Perma Edge, the easy to install, interlocking, galvanized edging system, makes those perfect edges around flower beds possible. The edging is powder coated and strong, but bends easily to follow the contours of flower beds and pathways. It has been designed to be low enough so that a mower can pass over it, and it can be removed and reused.

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