Hydro-zone: Is your Garden Zoned?

A Water-wise Garden should have Plants with Similar Water Requirements Grouped Together. This type of grouping is called a hydro-zone.


High Water use Zone (3 drop)
This hydro-zone should be kept as small as possible. These plants will need frequent weekly watering throughout the year. Plant 3 drop plants, such as annuals and spring-flowering bulbs, in containers. These include Begonias and Impatiens.

Medium Water use Zone (2 drop)
Keep this hydro-zone relatively small, as these plants will need more water than rainfall received in your area. Many popular exotic garden plants are considered 2 drop and include Nandina Domestica and Phormium Tenax.

Low Water use Zone (1 drop)
This hydro-zone can be as large as you like. 1 drop plants will thrive mainly on the rainfall received in summer, and may only need a little extra water in dry periods and months. Plants suitable for this zone are often indigenous plants such as Agapanthus spp. and Olea Europaea subsp. Africana.

No Water use Zone
You may make this hydro-zone as large as possible. Plants that are categorized in this zone are often established local indigenous plants, shrubs, and succulents. A no water use area may also include permeable paving and hard landscaping. 

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