More Than A Garden Shed

A garden shed may be inherently practical, but we gardeners attach so much more to ours. They become a place of solitude and peace, and when they look like these ones, they become garden features!

Most of us need a garden shed to store the lawnmower and garden tools in, or to use as a potting shed, or for countless other reasons. Instead of buying a wooden shed that needs regular upkeep to protect it from the elements and insect, how about opting for one of the stunning garden sheds from the Keter range?

These premium products are made for fuss-free, year-round, weatherproof storage in your garden. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colours, so there’s almost definitely a shed to match your style as well as your budget. We take a look at how the Keter range is made up, and pick a few of our favourites in different price categories.

Compact Sheds

(under R10 000)

Manor Garden Shed Anthracite

The Manor range comes in a few different sizes and colours, and they are all classy options for your garden, especially if you’re fond of the English Country style. We love the Anthracite colour of this shed.

This particular shed is compact but very functional, designed to fit into the compact gardens of modern lifestyles. It’ll fit easily into a narrow gap between a house and the fence, and yet can accommodate a fair bit of paraphernalia. At almost 2m tall, it is high enough for the average adult to stand in. It features a window for natural light, a ventilation panel so that it doesn’t get musty, and a tall, lockable door.

You can also fit shelves. 

Dimensions (width x length x height): 130 x 192 x 198cm

Darwin Shed

The Darwin Shed boasts a simple, traditional shed look. Unassuming and with a wood-look design, the Darwin Shed is perfect if you want a shed that will blend into the garden or alongside your house.

Despite the fairly compact dimensions, the Darwin Shed is over 2m tall, so can easily hold long garden tools like rakes, spaces and the like, and even most ladders.

As with all Keter sheds, it is weather resistant and will never fade or need painting. Also like the other sheds in the range, it has double-layer walls for greater strength and rigidity, and even a built-in floor to keep dust and vermin out. Shelves can be fitted, and the design includes a fixed window and a full-size door.

Dimensions (width x length x height): 126 x 183 x 204cm

Factor Shed

The Keter 6 x 3 Factor Shed is ideal for storing long-handle garden tools, ladders and garden equipment.

The weather resistant design prevents damage to keep this a low maintenance storage solution. The built-in ventilation provides a safe storage environment while the window allows for natural light.

It is easy to assemble using household tools. It’s made from durable, weather-resistant resin with steel reinforcement and has an attractive wood-like texture. It features a heavy-duty floor panel, a window, double doors, shelf support and is lockable.

Dimensions (width x length x height): 178 x 113.5 x 208cm

More than enough Sheds

(under R18 000)

Manor Shed Light Grey  

This is a bigger version of the Manor Shed featured above, but in a different colour scheme.

As with the Anthracite model, the Light Grey Manor Shed that uses white trim for a classic design.

We love the modern lean-to design of this shed, which is both good to look at and very practical. The high roof makes for copious amounts of interior storage space as well as easy access. The double-layer resin construction, common to all the Keter sheds, is robust and offers incredible longevity with zero maintenance.

Dimensions (width x length x height): 183.5 183 x 200.6cm


We adore it when designers of practical items give them designer features. Just take a look at the architecture of this grand shed, with its under-rood skylight for extra natural light. These lean-to roof designs are also very functional in that they cope well with heavy rain or even snow.

The steel-reinforced walls have an organic wood-look texture, but can be painted if you want a colour change. We don’t really understand that, though, because they look great as they are and need no maintenance – once you paint you can’t stop!

Double doors are another great feature if you’d like to store large items, such as ride-on lawnmowers or patio furniture, in your shed.

Dimensions (width x length x height): 214 x 218 x 226cm

Dream Sheds

(under R30 000)


This is a huge shed with dimensions of 228cm wide and 287cm long, making it a real boon in the garden. It can be used as a garage for big ride-on lawnmowers or bikes, or fitted out with freestanding shelves to become an uber storeroom or even a compact workshop. We love the double doors with glass panels, giving it the look of an old-school barn (just a little smaller). There’s even a skylight that runs the length of the roof, so that you can work in the shed in bad weather, with the door closed. 

It’s green too, being made from recycled materials. The wood-composite material is extremely durable, being weather resistant and UV protected.

Dimensions (width x length x height): 228 x 287 x 252cm 


The Oakland is another dream shed that could be used for anything from a workshop to a classy playroom for the kids. Thanks to ample ventilation and light, it won’t turn musty, while the big double doors can be thrown wide open to let in ample daylight. A number of built-in windows add even more natural light to the equation.

We love the gorgeous weathered texture of the ‘wood’, which is actually a resin composite that won’t fade or perish in the weather, and won’t rust or peel either. The traditional shingle roof is another lovely touch in a thoroughly pleasing design.

Every aspect of this shed is premium and heavy-duty – the double layer resin walls, the steel reinforcing and the extra-strength floor, which means that you could drive a quad bike or small boat in here no problem.

As with the rest of the Keter range, the Oakland has a 10-year warranty.

Dimensions (width x length x height): 229 x 350 x 242cm

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