Your Patio Is A Garden Waiting To Happen!

No garden? No problem! Here are a few of our favourite products for creating an urban garden. 

That patio where you hang washing on a clothes horse, store your bike and occasionally have a braai could be so much more. It could be a green space that lifts the spirit or even supplies your kitchen, and it’s not hard to do. These great products will help you to make the change from patio space to green space. 

Elevate your garden  

There are many reasons to lift a garden planter off the floor – it’s easier on the back, it raises plants to where they may get more light, your plants don’t look sad in the corner against the wall… If you’re looking to do that, the FDB Grow Table is just the ticket. At 75.5cm high, it’s the perfect height to work comfortably, while the depth of 36.5cm and width of 65.1cm make it a good size to start with. If you need more space, get another one or consider the Keter Full Bloom Garden Bed, which at 114cm wide and 49.3cm deep is voluminous enough to make a serious impact. Purchase online at za.keter.com, Takealot, Leroy Merlin or Makro 

The epitome of useful 

When you’re gardening on the 6th floor, you don’t have the luxury of being able to throw clippings and old soil over your shoulder – it needs to be taken somewhere. One of the most versatile, useful items you can have for occasions like this (and a thousand others!) is a multipurpose basket or trug. They’re strong, flexible (so can be carried in one hand), have a capacity of 40L and are absolutely indispensable for everything from mixing your potting soil to carrying your veggie garden harvest to the kitchen. They come in black or grey and measure 46 x 37cm. 

Box ’em up 

To garden on a patio, you need containers that you can fill with soil and plant in. These wooden planter boxes do the job perfectly, and also add rustic, country charm to your balcony or townhouse garden. They’re available in three sizes (39 x 35 x 39cm; 58 x 40 x 39cm; 90 x 40 x 39cm) and are raised off the ground to improve the all-important drainage. Once you’ve filled them with a premium potting soil and some organic slow-release fertiliser, you can plant them with anything from seasonal ornamentals to herbs to a full salad garden. 

These products are available from Builders Warehouse, leading home and garden centres countrywide and online at Takealot, Makro and Leroy Merlin.

The Gardener