Celebrate Father’s Day!

Celebrate the dads around you by spoiling them with load of gardening goodies this Father’s Day! We have a list of gifts ideas to help you out, check them out.

Hellebore heroes

You will never forget your dad, so spoil him this Father’s Day with something that will also never be forgotten – a hellebore plant! Hellebores have it all. They are evergreen perennial plants that are easy-to-grow, and winter-­flowering. The ­flowers come in variations including fancy frills, exotic speckles, stripes, spots, delicately veined petals and breathtaking colours. They come in a captivating range of single, double or anemone centred ­flowers and colours vary from the purest glistening whites to all shades and hues of pinks, primrose-yellows, claret-reds, exquisite plum-purples, silver-slate black, and even apple-greens! Hellebore plants have an incredible diversity of ­flowers and are known for their robustness. The hellebore hybrids (orientalis) ­flower abundantly for approximately 3 months from July to September in South Africa. These long-living plants, often described as the ‘queen of winter ­ flowers’, will add great value to your garden. Schedule your visit today to select the perfect Father’s Day gift. Find them on Facebook here or visit their website –www.groasishouseofhelleborus.com

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Local cooler

The Fieldbar Drinks Box is a hardcase cooler designed for superior thermal performance. Properly made and perfectly proportioned, the Drinks Box is everything you would expect from a modern cooler. Durable, versatile, and comfortable to carry, it also keeps ice for up to 50 hours. Perfect for wine, champagne, gin, mineral waters, mixers, or beers. www.yuppiechef.co.za

Potted trees

The magnificent growth habit that makes a banyan tree iconic is available for indoor plant enthusiasts to enjoy in mini form. Ficus microcarpa ‘Ginseng’ or ‘Banyan Bonsai’ is a dwarf version available in pots and makes a great gift for Father’s Day. ‘Ginseng’ is perfect for plant lovers to start a bonsai collection as it is a most forgiving tree that makes an excellent starter plant for trimming and shaping. LVG Plants supplies an incredible range of indoor plants. Have a look on the website to see their range – https:// lvgplant.co.za. Look out for them at your local retailer.

Make your raised gardening work for you

Grow your food anywhere with a Vegepod. They are available in three different sizes (0.5 x 1m, 1m x 1m, 2m x 1m) to fit any need and utilise water-wicking technology, which uses up to 80% less water. The protective mesh covering guards against pests and harsh elements, and creates a microclimate for optimal growth. The Vegepod is also fitted with a gentle mist-spray irrigation system and can be paired with a stand or a trolly to make it even easier to grow your own. Vegepods are made from food-grade polypropylene with a 10-year guarantee, and can be delivered countrywide.

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Don’t have epiphyte envy!

Gift yourself or someone special The Wooden Air Plant Frame (R135) from Rare and Air makes displaying your tillandsias easy. Simply push the plants into the braided grid and hang on a wall or display on a table. The grid allows air­ ow around the plants and you can change them around when you want to. Makes a great gift option for the gardener in your life who wants something new. You can add plants from www.rareandair.co.za or speak to Ruth for some expert advice on your selection. Delivered to your door throughout South Africa or gift-wrapped and straight to your loved one.

Kids gardening kit

This is one amazing Gardening Kit for fathers and kids to spend quality time together sowing seeds of success. Find them at your local garden centre or hardware store. www.starkeayres.com

Thyme for dad

Give your dad some well-deserved ‘thyme’ this Father’s Day with this special herb bundle. Included are 2 x 12cm terracotta pots, a ready-to-snip thyme herb plant, herb-printed secateurs and oreganum seeds to germinate, all to display in a nifty little growing cage. Dad’s cooking will never be the same again! Visit www.tanyavisser.com for more gardening bundle options.

Cutting branches requires an alligator

The revolutionary new cutting tool, the BLACK+DECKER 550W Alligator® Powered Lopper, makes short work of small branches up to 10cm in diameter with its powerful metal jaws. It works like a manual lopper but with the power of a chainsaw. This is the kind of power tool that dads love to make garden maintenance a breeze. The alligator is easy and safe to use, with a powerful motor and lopper style dual switch handles. Click here to find your nearest retailer and get one in time for Father’s Day.

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