December Gardening Gift Guide

For plant and garden lovers, take a look at this list of gardening goodies that can make for wonderful gifts this December.  

Attract and trap pests

False codling moth is a South African pest that causes damage to the fruits of edibles like citrus, avocadoes and macadamias. The female moths lay their eggs on the fruit and when they hatch, they burrow into the fruit, effectively making it unmarketable. But there is a solution and it’s eco-friendly. Did you know that many female insects attract a mate by using scented pheromones? Insect Science’s PheroLure® range mimics this natural process, attracting and trapping males before they can mate and start a new generation. By using PheroLure® in conjunction with a Yellow Delta Trap® you can lure false codling moths to the trap, effectively stopping the cycle of breeding.


Label it

Gardening often requires labelling – when sowing seed its important to record the seed type and date so you at least know what you are planting and how long it should take for seed to come up. Labels are also a must when planting bulbs so you remember where you buried them before the start sprouting so that they don’t get dug up again. Labels are very handy and Holt has 3 types that will do the job well. They include plywood labels painted in various pastel colours; silver plant stakes for larger areas of plants; and black mini chalkboards for using over and over again. These make great gifts too.


Style it up

Ladies, this is for you! A stylish new Garden Apron, Garden Basket and Garden Knee Cushion awaits at the Holt shop in this lovely palm tree fabric. A garden apron is a practical way of protecting clothing when out gardening, but it can also be comfortable and stylish too, like this one. Add in the matching gardening basket and knee cushion and you will be dressed to impress, even if you are gardening on your own. The apron has front pockets and the basket has carry-handles and space for all the small tools and cutters you may need for a time in the garden. The cushion will take the strain off your knees when gardening and the whole set makes a great gift for fellow gardeners.


JoJo Countertop Filter

The JoJo Countertop Filter is ideal for holiday road trips to ensure you always have healthy, great-tasting water on tap. Portable and easily connected to taps, installation requires no drilling or alterations. The Countertop Filter removes biological and chemical impurities and comes with a 3-year quality warranty. Available through our nationwide distributors or on our online store at: www.jojo.co.za

700ml JoJo Water Filter Bottle

This holiday you can enjoy healthy, great-tasting water wherever you go. The 700ml JoJo Water Filter Bottle is a convenient travel companion that effectively removes biological and chemical impurities from tap water. Ergonomically designed with an anti-spill drinking top and protective cap, it comes with a 1-year quality warranty. Available through our nationwide distributors or on our online store at: www.jojo.co.za

Go for a green tree

Rare and Air have introduced some beautiful wire art to their gift range. Add some flair to your festive décor this year with an Airplant Christmas Tree. Handcrafted wire tree by KwaZulu-Natal artisans with the addition of beautiful Tillandsias, that will continue to grow and be enjoyed, long after the holiday season.


Build It Braai Range

Let Build It take care of all your braai essentials this festive season with our quality charcoal, briquettes and Firelighters. Visit us on www.buildit.co.za

Enrol Now For Full-Time Courses

Lifestyle College offers a range of landscaping and horticulture courses. Enrol now for these full-time courses:

Landscape Design – 3 April 2023

A 12-month course covering a complete spectrum of more than 25 courses and 4 weeks practical experience.

Horticulture – 31 March 2023

An 8 month course providing learners with a firm foundation of portable skills with which to enter the horticulture industry.

Part-Time Full Landscape Design – 15 April 2023-2026

Suitable for anyone working full-time, this course takes place once a week, every Saturday.

For more information, please contact Lifestyle College on marketing@lifestylecollege.co.za


Classic Emthunzini Hats style

The Raffia Breton has a wide adjustable brim that combines sun protection and style. Handwoven Madagascan Raffia fibres make this hat lightweight, and will keep you cool and protected all day with CANSA endorsed UPF50+ sun protection. Available in stores and online at R849. Facebook: @sunhatsza


Build it Garden Range

Maintenance and upkeep has never been easier with a wide range of Wolf products to assist with all your gardening needs. Available at your nearest Build it store.


2023 Rose Calendar

Beautiful rose images adorn this 2023 calendar from Otterley Flowers. It has space to write in some notes and all-important birthdays and makes a great gift. The calendars are R85 each and include postage within South Africa. Local courier fees can be added at an additional R80. This year you can also buy a set of 8 rose greeting cards with envelopes at a cost of R85 per set. To order contact Jackie on 082 924 5892, email info@otterley.com or visit www.otterley.com

Better blooms and fruit

Vita Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 from Talborne Organics is specially formulated for the feeding of flowering plants, shrubs, trees as well as fruit trees and flowering pot plants. The product makes sure that nitrogen and potassium are topped up to promote flowering and in turn this also promotes fruit development and strengthens cells to make plants more disease resistant. Use before flowering and mid-flowering to prolong bloom time and generally every 4 months for the best results.


Vita Grow 2:3:2

Organically certified, use when planting to promote root growth and development. A strong root system provides the plant with energy and vigour to grow well. Vita Grow is perfect for new plantings of roses, flowers, fruiting and bulb-type vegetables, trees, shrubs and new seedlings because it won’t burn your delicate plants and it’s a slow-release fertiliser that will last about 4 months. It can be used as a general garden bed feed as well.


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