December Gift Guide

For plant and garden lovers, check out our selection of wonderful gifts to choose from.

Get what you REALLY want

The STIHL GTA 26 cordless handheld chainsaw is a must-have for both gardeners and DIY enthusiasts. Versatile, quiet and compact, with a 10cm guide bar, a powerful, accurate cut, and impressively long battery life, it is ideal for wood-based DIY projects as well as pruning shrubs and trees. Add to your wish list now!


Airplant starter pack

Airplants make a great gift for the novice gardener, or the experienced gardener looking to try something new. This starter pack has a selection of plants with different colours and textures, and is a great way to begin your collection. The pack includes nine labelled plants as well as care tips and instructions, all packaged in a gift box. Delivery is to your door throughout South Africa, and the pack can also be gift-wrapped with a personalised message for your loved one.


Give someone a bee-utiful bee hotel

This festive season give a gift that also does good for the environment. The Solitary Bee Hotel from the free gardening app Candide provides solitary bees with a safe place to live and breed and is championed by Candide’s #PolliNationSA Movement, which aims to recruit South Africans to become pollinators by planting bee-friendly plants. By adding the hotel to your garden, you not only create a safe habitat for solitary bees but also attract these valuable pollinators for the pollination of your flowers and crops. The Hotel retails for R240.00 – buy online via www.candide.co.za. Follow @candideappza and #PolliNationSA on Instagram and Facebook.

Macrame pot hanger

This sturdy macrame double plant hanger is a great way to make your home greener without taking up space.


The perfect gift for every occasion

There are so many great garden goodies on the TanyaVisser.com website that it may be difficult to choose your gifts. Not to worry, get a gift voucher and give your loved one the perfect gift.


Orchid-lovers food pack

Starke Ayres, under the Garden Care range, has the perfect gift for orchid lovers. When your orchids are flowering, use the low-nitrogen Flowering Orchids formula, and when they are not flowering the Growing Orchids formula will give them all the nutrition they need to perform at their best.


GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Basic Set

This practical gardening set is the perfect start for all hobby gardeners in the world of hand tools, and it makes an ideal gift. It includes a sturdy multifunctional jug, a hand trowel and a pair of bypass secateurs. The jug has a variety of uses – for potting soil, moving small amounts of decorative stones or gravel, or as a compact watering can. This balcony basic set is part of the GARDENA City Gardening range and is packed in an attractive sleeve wrapper.


A touch of floral

No matter what she’s creating, Lou Harvey loves botanicals and motifs that pay homage to nature, as well as bold floral prints. She takes inspiration from a variety of sources: elements of nature, architecture, exotic destinations like Morocco and, of course, our beautiful local landscape. You’ll find these designs across her entire collection, with an endless list of choices and items to make you feel inspired. There’s everything from bags (for the beach, your laptop or cosmetics, stationery or school lunches) to towels, as well as backpacks and aprons for kids.

Enter our giveaways on Facebook and Instagram to win one of two Lou Harvey bags!


Stop allergens in their tracks with Henry Allergy

Sometimes the smallest things can cause the biggest problems. Approximately one in three of us suffer from dust-related allergies, triggered by allergens such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites. Henry Allergy is here to help! Equipped with a HEPA filter, together with his TriTex filter and HepaFlo filter bags, he traps particles up to 800 times smaller in width than a human hair.


Christmas is for the birds

The beautiful hand-painted Wild Wings terracotta range is the perfect gift for any birding enthusiast. The range includes bird feeders and bird baths that can easily be cleaned in warm soapy water. The edible products contain only the best ingredients so that the birds have the perfect supplementary feed – both delicious and nutritious. All products are hand-crafted in South Africa.


Spread a little cheer

Woolies has set a goal to help feed our communities by giving one million meals this Christmas. As little as R10 feeds one person three meals for one day. Woolies customers can give what they can between 2 November and 31 December 2020 to achieve this goal. There are multiple ways to donate (you can swipe, scan, buy a cause-related bag or bracelet, or donate via EFT, credit or debit card), so we really have made it easy to give back and make a big difference.

Visit www. woolworths.co.za/zerohunger for more information about this initiative. Check out the Woolies range of festive gifts and décor while you are there.


MOONLIGHT 2021 Calendar

The Moonlight 2021 Calendar is now out! It’s the ideal Christmas gift for lovers of the moon, whether they be gardeners, farmers, fisherman, planners, photographers or naturalists. This annual poster calendar, produced by Ilona Thorndike, who contributes The Lunar Gardening Guide for The Gardener/Die Tuinier magazines, shows the local Lunar phases, Lunar Zodiac signs and Gardening by the Moon fertility icons.

Special Christmas Gift offer:

Buy one Moonlight 2021 Calendar for R115, to be delivered via regular post or R145 via registered post with a tracking number. When buying Moonlight 2021 Calendar for friends, request a printable Gift Card. Email your order to: ilona@moontime.co.za with TG2021 in subject line, or for more info on multiple orders and other delivery options.

Spare time over the December holidays? How about doing some exciting DIY Jobs around the house, you could even give your ponds a revamp.


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