Essential Summer Gardening Goodies

Whether it’s plants, gardening equipment, plant food or the perfect refreshment, we’ve got a few summer gardening essentials.

Stripy aggies for all gardens

Agapanthus praecox ‘Zambezi’, brought to you by Keith Kirsten, has unique broad, dark green leaves streaked with creamy-yellow variegation and bordered by a broad golden-yellow margin. It has long-lasting violet flowers on tall stems, and makes a bold statement in any garden. It’s an excellent container plant and is the perfect border plant for the perennial garden.


2021 Garden World Summer Festival ‘Gardens for the Soul’

‘Gardens for the Soul’ is the theme for this year’s Summer Festival at Garden World, which will run from Friday 22 October to Sunday 5 December 2021. Both the new and make-over designer gardens will showcase the latest garden trends and find clever solutions for small outdoor spaces, using a diversity of plants and natural hardlandscaping products. Taking a look at what is trending in 2021, the organisers of this year’s Summer Festival set out to capture Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation, which is deeply felt by all who visit the gardens.

Garden World is on Beyers Naudé Drive in Muldersdrift. For information on the Summer Festival and booking for the talks and workshops, contact Garden World on 011 957 2545 or 011 957 2047.

For more information on the festival visit www.gardenworld.co.za

3-in-1 rose protection

The best defence your rose bush has against heat and disease is its leaves. The leaves regulate the heat and keep the plant’s system cool. When the leaves become damaged and disease-ridden, your rose bush will not perform well and will then be susceptible to attack from insects like aphids and red spider mite. Fungal infections such as black spot, powdery mildew and rust directly affect the leaves.

Protek’s Rose Guard offers effective 3-in-1 protection against these common pests and diseases. This contact insecticide and contact and systemic fungicide will wipe out problems before they wipe out your rose bush.


Fresh and fruity flavoured water

We recently tried out a new flavoured water, and loved it. A1 Fruit Water is a little different from the other flavoured waters out there in that it is flavoured entirely with real fruit. It is made locally in SA and comes in three flavours: mandarin, grapefruit and lemon.

These days we’re all more aware of our health, and we know that what we put into our bodies directly affects our health: A1 is free of sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and even calories, and natural fruit infusion and flavours found in A1 Fruit Water are captured as a by-product during the fruit concentrate manufacturing process.

For more information visit www.a1fruitwater.com

Turbo feed your lawn

TurboGrass 10.1.5 (25) guarantees fast and furious results. Added secondary and trace elements promote extreme greening, resistance to disease and the suppression of weeds, ensuring that your lawn stays lush for longer. Enjoy fuss-free fertilising with this uniquely formulated quality product from Kynoch. Distributed by Mango Moon Trading.


For the perfect finish

The STIHL HSA 26 cordless shrub shears quickly trim ornamental trees and smaller hedges for an impressively professional look. They are ideal for cutting around pots and patio edges, and for neatly-edged lawns and flower beds. They come in a nifty carry bag including a grass blade, shrub blade, battery and charger.


Innovative fertiliser for veggies

KynoVeg 2.3.4 (25) is a new-generation fertiliser based on an old favourite formulation. Recently launched into the retail market by Kynoch, one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers, this universal fertiliser is the perfect choice for growing nutrient-rich vegetables as well as leafy and fruiting crops. Trace elements, in addition to a concentrated N.P.K value, ensure revitalized soil, optimal growth and maximum yield. Distributed by Mango Moon Trading.


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