Father’s Day Essentials

Celebrate the dads around you this Father’s Day with these gardening gift ideas.

Serinova quality pots

Visit Hobby Life Africa‘s website to view the lovely Serinova range of top-quality pots. With a variety of colours to suite your environment and preference, you will find just the thing to enhance and beautify your balcony, adding peace and tranquillity to your home both indoor and outdoor. Available from Hobby Life Africa.


Gold-Dust for soil

If you have sandy or clay soils then Gardener’s Gold-Dust is for you. This product contains several important elements that aid in producing good soil as well as adding nutrients. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Contains gypsum for increased microbial activity in the soil;
  • Contains seaweed for essential trace elements;
  • Organically certified;
  • Aids in retention of water in sandy soils and improves impoverished soils;
  • Contains an efficient source of calcium to develop strong stems, buds and roots;
  • Releases sulphur, which is essential for the production of chlorophyll to promote glossy green leaves and good growth rates;
  • Equalises the pH of soil;
  • Helps aerate the soil, reducing the chance of diseases;
  • Promotes the formation of beneficial nitrates in the soil.

Apply Gold-Dust on new garden beds or spread it over existing garden beds and lawns and water it in. For more information on how to get your Gold-Dust contact Elfie: 022 783 1520; khoisan1@mweb.co.za.

Nourish indoor plants and leafy greens

The Nourish plant food range from Talborne Organics is food for plants made from plants, so it’s 100% organic. Made from potato and sugar beet extracts, the products have natural amino acids to promote growth and strengthen plants for the best results. Nourish Leafy Greens has high levels of nitrogen to promote the formation of plant tissue and chlorophyll, which gives the plants more energy and stimulates the development of green leafy plants, indoor plants, lawns and groundcovers. Simply mix with water and apply to the leaves or soil of the plants and watch the magic unfold.


Mini Hose Hanger Kit

The Garden Gro Mini Hose Hanger kit is perfect for small spaces like courtyards, patios and balconies. It comes with a 10m hosepipe and includes a tap connector to quickly and easily start watering. It also features a 7-pattern hand spray gun and packs away into a compact hanger for easy storage. Look out for these at your local nursery or garden centre.


Two-Step SC herbicide

Protek’s Two-Step SC is a suspension concentrate systemic and residual herbicide for pre- and post-emergence control of a wide spectrum of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses in urban areas and other industrial sites. Two-Step has a long residual action and can control weeds up to 6 months, which makes it ideal for fences, curbs etc. Optimum results are achieved when Two-Step SC is applied on target weeds growing actively, free of environmental stress factors such as drought and unusual temperature fluctuations. Two-Step SC is available in 500ml, 1-litre and 5-litre containers.


Give Dad a gift he can use

The STIHL GTA 26 cordless chainsaw is versatile, compact and manoeuvrable making it ideal for pruning, cutting up branches for firewood and wood-based DIY projects and home upgrades. Since it is battery operated, it is so quiet that no ear protection is necessary. This is a gift he’ll love and use all year round.


Rotary Mower and Tool Sharpener

This new, faster-sharpening corundum wheel re-sharpens all types of metal rotary blades and re-edges garden tools. The high quality angled corundum wheel produces sharp new cutting edges on rotary mower blades in minutes. The wheel is reversible to give around 10 re-sharpenings, which allows for many years of use. It fits any domestic drill including cordless drills. Along with rotary blades, it can also be used to put back a keen edge on spades, hoes, lawn edgers and axes, making them much easier to use.


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