Garden Galleria – April 2023

Take a look at the latest gardening news and views in this month’s Garden Galleria.  

Feeding that covers all the bases

Sometimes you want to fertilise the whole garden instead of focusing on specific plants. Protek’s General Fertilizer 2:3:2 (14%) is suitable for general feeding of the garden. It is a balanced fertiliser generally used for trees, shrubs, lawns, flower beds, flower-bearing shrubs and vegetables.


Pots on trend

The Good Roots range of pots is locally produced from 100% concrete. The pots come in a smooth rustic finish in five different styles and in a variety of popular colours. The latest addition to the range is the Rachel pot planter and saucer, featured here in the colour sienna.


Treats for your plants

Treat your plants with the Nourish plant food range from Talborne Organics. Food for plants – made from plants. Nourish is 100% certified organic, derived from potato and sugar beet extracts, and packed with nutrients, carbon and natural amino acids to promote growth, strengthen plants and relieve stress. They help all indoor and outdoor plants, ornamentals, seedlings and cuttings, flowering trees and shrubs, veggies, herbs, succulents and container plants flourish.


Gardener’s Hand Cream

This unique Hand Cream has been created especially for gardeners, horticulturists and those who work with their hands or who work outdoors a lot. It has a dual purpose, namely as an effective barrier cream to use before work and many soothing, healing properties when applied after work. It is made from natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, beeswax, magical comfrey, lanolin and rosemary essential oil. Massage well into the hands before starting work, and again afterwards to keep your hands soft and supple and so removing the need to wear gloves. Available from your local Garden Centre or Chemist.


Charge up to keep charges down

Battery-operated garden tools like chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers and brush cutters are becoming more the norm these days. They have the advantage of being able to use these tools anywhere without having to find a power source. Husqvarna national sales manager, Johan Kruger, has these tips for making sure your batteries last:

• Avoid keeping your batteries charging for long periods. Remove the batteries from the charger soon after reaching 100% as they will hold their charge.

• Use a battery bag or battery box to keep your batteries safe when storing or transporting them.

• Avoid leaving batteries in tools when storing them away during the winter months or when you’re not planning to use them for several weeks.

• For maximum service life, you should store your batteries at 50% charged. If the level is lower, charge it to 50% before storage (the battery status for Husqvarna batteries can be checked by pressing the button on the rear of the battery).

• Batteries should be stored at temperatures of 5 – 25°C. and with most of South Africa experiencing a heat wave at the moment, it is more important than ever to ensure that your batteries are stored in a cool area.

For more visit www.husqvarna.co.za

Nitro pruning

From Brandroid comes the new technically advanced Worx Cordless Nitro Pruning Shear and Lopper that comes with a long-lasting 20V brushless motor and with a 3-year warranty. The blade opening can cut a wide range of branches up to 25mm so it’s perfect for effortless use in your garden for trees, roses, shrubs and more, and it cuts up to 2800 pieces on one charge. It has a slim and lightweight design for easy one-handed operation.


Green lawns in winter

Winter Green Lawn Seed is a great mix that offers the benefits of quick germination with the latest generation rye grass that withstands tough wear throughout the season. Excellent for filling in damaged areas and over-seeding a different grass species for a temporary winter coverage. It has excellent traffic- and cold-tolerance but with high water needs. The leaf texture is fine and it is a single leaf growth grass.


Uplift your garden’s spirit with your favourite splashes of colour!

Plant and feed your colour seedlings, herbs, hanging flower baskets and containers with Talborne Seedling Food 6:2:5(13), packed with the best of nature’s nutrients to boost flowering and strengthen plant cells. Regularly clip or pinch off old blooms and apply 200g of Seedling Food per m2 every 3 months to ensure the beauty blooms all season long.


Get seeds delivered to your door

Get gardening with GroPak. Gardeners throughout South Africa can purchase high-quality flower, vegetable and herb seeds from GroPak online. Order a variety of traditional and trendy seeds online and have them delivered to your door. Find out more by visiting gropak.co.za

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