Garden Galleria – August 2023

Gear up for spring with the latest gardening news and views in this month’s Garden Galleria.  

Food for everything

Talborne Organics has a range of nourishments for all types of plants. Boost your lawns and foliage plants with Vita-Green 5:1:5 (16) for lush, green growth and to strengthen plant cells with high levels of potassium. Use Vita-Veg 6:3:4 (16) to feed your leafy green vegetables, herbs, tropical plants and berries. Feed plants in stress with Talborne Organics Nourish Liquid Organic Plant Food to get them flourishing.


A garden cart engineered to perfection

The Gorilla Garden Cart from First Dutch Brands is one of the most innovative carts on the market. For any type of garden work, this cart is easy-to-manoeuvre on pneumatic tires that can tackle any terrain and it has zero-turn steering. It can be pulled very well by hand or towed behind a tractor or ATV with a hauling capacity of 270kg, which is plenty for most gardens. It is a well-balanced cart with an extra wide, powder-coated base, with a durable tub that won’t rust and is easy to clean. There is a quick-release system for dumping the contents fully. This cart is designed to make life easier and get the toughest jobs done in a flash. Available at selected retailers.


A wise way to water

The GARDENA Pipeline System can deliver water like electricity from the mains, to every corner of your garden. Designed in DIY kits, the system is easy to install and involves an underground pipe circuit using connectors, pipe, sockets and joiners. The Pipeline System is high quality, frost-proof and UV-resistant.

Visit www.gardena.co.za for more information.

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