Garden Galleria – July 2023

Take a look at the latest gardening news and views in this month’s Garden Galleria.  

Smart composting

With the MicroGarden Kitchen Composter household waste becomes odourless pre-compost in just 5 hours. Composting has never been easier. Just fill the composter with all kitchen scraps including cooked food, meat scraps and soft bones, push the button and the internal sensors simulate and accelerate the composting process. You can reduce waste by 80% and compost 3L of food scraps per bucket.

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Eco-friendly essential tools

The GARDENA EcoLine range provides an eco-friendly option for avid gardeners who value sustainability, uncompromising quality and durable design. Each product is crafted from recycled material with plastic components containing up to 90% recycled plastic. The range consists of essential gardening tools with up to a 25-year warranty on the products.

For more information on the range, visit www.gardena.com/za

Warm up with a patio fire

Enjoy cosy evenings on the patio with family and friends around www.lifestyle.co.za the welcoming warmth of one of our patio fire places. Available at Lifestyle Home Garden in a range of styles, these high-quality bomas are fully portable with pans to collect ashes and protect your patio surfaces from coals.

Find them on the corner of Beyers Naudé and Ysterhout Avenue, Randpark Ridge, Randburg or shop online at www.lifestyle.co.za

Natural food for plants

Guanoflo is a natural fertiliser provided by nature and harvested by Protek for you! Made from pure seabird guano and certified organic. It can be applied directly to the soil, but is also fantastic to use as a foliar feed, providing all the nutrients your plants need to grow and stay strong.


Keep it sharp

Alongside its extensive range of cordless tools, STIHL has a diverse range of hand tools such as secateurs, shears and pruning saws that make light work of gardening. To get the best performance from your tools, get the new STIHL 3-in-1 sharpener with three extremely strong tungsten carbide blades to keep secateurs, shears, household scissors and knives perfectly sharp for a precise cutting action.

Find a dealer at www.stihl.co.za

Garden food

It’s winter and time to repot indoor and outdoor container plants as well as cover your garden beds in a cosy blanket of compost. Lifestyle Home Garden is your destination store for 3Sixty Premium Organic Compost, Potting mix and specially blended 420 Enhanced Potting Mix.

Find them on the corner of Beyers Naudé and Ysterhout Avenue, Randpark Ridge, Randburg or shop online at www.lifestyle.co.za

Cooking convenience

Preparing healthy, balanced meals for your family has never been easier with the new Eiger Aria XL 8L Air fryer. The Aria XL 8L Air fryer offers unmatched versatility and convenience with 8 cooking functions and touch screen controls. Eiger range exclusively available at Builders, Game and Makro.

Soil improver and much more

Slowburn Wood Vinegar (pyroligneous acid) is a liquid produced during the distillation of biomass of invasive Prosopis species in the Northern Cape. It is made up of more than 200 chemical components; with acetic acid, acetone and methanol as 10% of constituents. Some advantages of using this product in the garden include the stimulation of plant growth, improvement in soil health and control of fungal diseases and other plant pests.

For more information on this product email: slowburn.nc@gmail.com

Easy food sticks

Nutristix is a plant food stick with highly nutritive elements to nourish plants. Insert the Nutristix plant food sticks entirely into the soil between the plant and the edge of the pot. The sticks dissolve and provide plants with the necessary nutrients.


Supercharged pest formula

ROSSI 200 SUPER from Makhro Home and Garden is a powerful insecticide that is sure to knock out even the toughest of insect pests, including ants, cockroaches, and termites. The product works by attacking the nervous system of insects and its supercharged formula is designed to deliver fast and effective results.


Smart watering

Good Roots has a smart solution for forgetful or overeager plant parents. A clever vessel that releases water slowly as the plant needs it. Simply fill the eco-friendly Terracotta Self-watering Spike with water and push into the soil. They come in 2 sizes – a 12cm spike which lasts for approximately 3 days, and a 31cm spike which lasts for approximately 6 days. They also come in various colours to match any décor and you can order online.


Go organic, go Bio Ganic

Suitable for all garden plants, Bio Ganic All Purpose from Atlantic Fertilisers is just the right fertiliser to use now and all year in your garden. This product is pelletised for slow, consistent release of nutrients and easy application and because it is organic and waterwise, it will not burn your plants. There are no added nasties – the pellets are pathogen free with no germs, mould, or bacteria. It is also friendly to people and pets.


Beat soaring food prices and grow your own veggies

The farmers who grow our food and keep us alive are facing massive cost spikes, especially with labour and expensive diesel for generators for irrigation due to loadshedding. As a result, they have all planted less than usual to protect their dwindling cash resources, causing shortages at the market and resulting in soaring food prices. Join the trend and grow your own at home. Start by sowing seed.


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