Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day

“Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”

Make Mum happy this Mother’s Day with the gift of happy and safe gardening. The EcoBuz Hamper contains a range of environmentally and child-friendly gardening products. Our Nurture products build healthy soils and plants, supporting strong plants that are pest and disease resistant. If and when uninvited guests do arrive, our biological Protect range offers control without harming beneficial insects and with no chemical residues: treat today, eat today. Give your mother the gift of stress-free gardening, with no harmful effects on herself, her children or her grandchildren.

Visit www.ecobuz.co.za for more information.

Setting out in style

Real gardeners are not put off by the rain: they simply put on a waterproof poncho and keep gardening. Rosehip Waterproof Ponchos are proudly made in South Africa and are available in a wide range of botanical prints. They fold up into a small drawstring bag for easy storage. The ponchos are also an essential item for mums who spend hours on the side of a sports field, no matter the weather.

Visit the website to see the full range: www.rosehipdesign.co.za

To stand a chance to WIN one of these beautiful Ponchos, enter the giveaway on The Gardener’s Facebook page.

Make your raised gardening work for you

Grow your food anywhere with a Vegepod. They are available in three different sizes (0.5 x 1m, 1m x 1m, 2m x 1m) to fit any need and utilise water-wicking technology, which uses up to 80% less water. The protective mesh covering guards against pests and harsh elements, and creates a microclimate for optimal growth. The Vegepod is also fitted with a gentle mist-spray irrigation system and can be paired with a stand or a trolly to make it even easier to grow your own. Vegepods are made from food-grade polypropylene with a 10-year guarantee, and can be delivered countrywide. www.vegepod.co.za

SPECIAL: For Mother’s Day get a 10% discount when you purchase a Vegepod. Order in the month of May and use the discount code MOM10 on checkout.

Visit www.vegepod.co.za for more information.

Henry Allergy

Those of us who suffer from allergic asthma or hay fever are often susceptible to cat and dog allergens that can become trapped in carpets and upholstery. Awarded the British Allergy Foundation’s Seal of Approval, Henry Allergy is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to dust- and pet-related allergens around the home, thanks to its advanced filtration system and specialist toolkit. Equipped with an advanced, 3-stage, HEPA filtration system, Henry Allergy is much more than any ordinary vacuum cleaner, trapping particles up to 800 times smaller in width than a human hair.

Visit www.numatic.co.za for more information.

Special bundles

White hyacinths have long had a symbolic meaning of wishing someone success. Show the gardening mom in your life love this Mother’s Day with a gift made especially for her. This bulb bundle includes a terracotta pot, a tool set, potting medium, 3 bulbs and sphagnum moss for decoration. A perfect, fragrant gift that will keep on giving for years. Spoil your gardening mom this Mother’s Day with one of a variety of specially selected bundles.

Visit www.tanyavisser.com for more information.

Mosaic pots and pavers

These unique mosaiced pavers and pots are individually created for stepping-stone pathways and groups of artistic pots with a difference, all at a good price.

Visit www.tunzinigardens.co.za for more information.

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