November Gardening Goodies

Get your hands on these gardening products for the upcoming summer season.

Tiller options

If you’re in the market for a tiller, a front- and rear-tine tiller are two options that get the job done. But which one do you choose?

For large, open areas, a rear-tine, counter-rotating tiller with generous working width is the most suitable machine. Rear-tine models are designed for use on densely packed earth and lawns and can reach greater depths than their front-tine counterparts, digging much deeper, which is great for establishing new garden beds.

Front-tine tillers are suitable for smaller areas with tighter spaces and less landscaping work – including greenhouses, small plots, garden patches and tunnel maintenance. These tillers are driven by the tines, which can only move in one direction – forwards. They are ideal for getting into small spaces and moving around plants. Standard working widths range from 74cm to 135cm, and additional tines can be added to customise the size of your tiller. The engines on these machines are usually lighter and less powerful than their heavier counterparts, but they’re also smaller and therefore easier to store and transport. For Husqvarna’s range of front- and rear-tine tillers, visit their website.


Cordless shrub, grass shear and weeder

The Worx Shrub and Grass Shear comes with three easy-to-change blade sets that enable you to both shape shrubs and edge your lawn. Also included is a weeding blade. The tool has a comfortable soft-grip handle and is lightweight at only 150g. It is powered by a 20-volt Lithium-ion battery that is interchangeable with other 20V Worx tools.


Easy vertical garden

Make vertical gardening easy with this Vertical Garden Cascade Wall. This modular system comes in a kit form with 12 pots and holders and a flow through watering system for even distribution of water. Excess water drains into the saucers that are included. Mount this modern garden on a wall indoors or outdoors and plant up with your favourite plants for a stunning green wall.


Turn on the turbo with Kynoch lawn fertiliser

Kynoch TurboGrass for Lawns 10.1.5 (25) is a fast-acting lawn fertiliser that gets results. Added secondary and trace elements promote extreme greening, resistance to disease and the suppression of weeds, ensuring that your lawn stays lush for longer. In summer and autumn use 35g per m2 and in spring increase to 50g per m2. Do not exceed this rate and water in well after application. Enjoy fuss-free fertilising with this uniquely formulated quality product from Kynoch. Distributed by Mango Moon Trading.


A house to grow

Every gardener dreams of a greenhouse to grow plants easily, without fuss and protected from the elements. This can now be a reality with the Maple Grow House which is also pretty enough to have on your patio. Made from a premium plastic resin composite that has the look and feel of wood with the weatherproof benefits of resin. This stylish grow house has an elevated planting tray which doesn’t require tons of soil and once your veggies and herbs are planted, they can be protected from cold, wind and heavy rain using the nylon cover.


Love your indoor plants

Fungus gnats are tiny insect pests that are harmless to humans, but love the moist soil around your houseplants. They lay eggs on the soil and the larvae feed on plant roots, causing notable plant damage and spreading diseases. As adults, they fly to new locations to procreate and feed. Monitor and manage fungus gnats with Insect Science’s eco-friendly Yellow Sticky Cards. These cards attract and trap the gnats, solving the problem of them flying onto other plants.


Farm-to-table at its best

Whether you are growing vegetables, herbs or flowers, a Full Bloom Garden Bed will make life so much easier. Firstly, it’s elevated which means no bending over. Then it’s made with a smooth rattan finish that will fit perfectly on any patio, comes with a built-in watering system to take the guesswork out of when to water and it comes with a removable drainage tap so it can also be used indoors. It’s made with durable plastic resin and the planting space is big enough for a good selection of veggies and herbs.


The easy way to save water

Save water while ensuring that your garden thrives by using EXLGel when planting up hanging baskets and pots as well as garden and vegetable beds. Plants, especially seedlings, will grow better because of the more aerated soil. EXLGel sachets contain granules that swell when mixed with a litre of water and can easily be mixed in with your planting medium. Moisture is retained, reducing the need for frequent watering – saving you time and money!


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