Spring Garden Galleria

Celebrate spring with these pretty plants and wonderful gardening goodies.

New mega pack flower range launch

MayFord has just launched a new Mega Pack range of Spring Flowers. The Mega Packs make it easy to see just what the seeds can do in your garden thanks to icons such as ‘Throw & Sow’ (easy sowing), ‘Waterwise’ and ‘Indigenous’ (low water user), ‘Bee Friendly’ (good for pollinators), ‘Cut Flower’ (good for the vase), and an icon to show expected coverage. The sowing instructions on the back of the packet have been revamped to make it even easier to follow. Look out for the new packaging at your local garden store.

Clouds of diamonds

Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ is just about a perfect plant, and is in every way a winner. This award-winning euphorbia may look delicate, but it’s actually tough as nails. It is low maintenance and heat and drought-tolerant, and only needs fertiliser every 6 weeks to keep bearing clouds of airy white flowers all season long. ‘Diamond Frost’ prefers to be planted in containers or in garden beds in sun or part sun, but also does well in shady conditions. Plant in a container on its own for a stunning focal point or alongside other plants for mixed containers. Great for picking for the vase and grows to 30 x 30cm. www.keithkirsten.com

Maple Grow House

If you are into design and aesthetics as well as gardening, look no further than the Maple Grow House from Keter. It is handsome enough to complement your patio, and it is crafted from premium Evotech composite material, which offers the look and feel of real wood with all the benefits of resin. That means is won’t rot or be eaten by termites or even be damaged by the sun. The greenhouse cover lets you keep harvesting your own vegetables and herbs even when it’s cold, rainy, and windy. Visit https://za.keter.com/ to see more.

Blue your mind

Another award-winning plant from Proven Winners is the continuous bloomer Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’, with its true-blue flowers and fuzzy, silvery-green foliage. This dwarf morning glory is extremely heat tolerant, does not require deadheading and performs best in full sun in garden beds or in containers. It does need to be protected from even light frost, though. It is drought-tolerant once established but does better with consistent moisture. A good dose of compost or slow-release fertiliser will improve performance. It grows to a height of 20cm and can spread and trail to 40cm. www.keithkirsten.com

Terminex insecticide

Protek Terminex 350 SC provides fast protection against wood-destroying termites in and around your home. The strong active ingredient, Imidacloprid 350, offers excellent value for money and is now packed in 500ml bottles. You only need to mix only 7.2ml Terminex 350 SC with 10 litres of water. The new 500ml bottle treats 138m², offering the best value for money for the treatment of wood-destroying termites. Terminex 350 SC can be applied as a preventative or corrective trench and nest treatment.

Triclon herbicide

Get rid of unwanted trees, woody plants and weeds with Protek Triclon. Triclon is a high-concentration systemic tree killer and herbicide, and can be applied as a foliar spray to actively growing plants or as a stump treatment (apply within 12 hours of the tree being felled) or as a basal bark application, or hack and squirt. Triclon is now also packed in 1-litre bottles and offers excellent value for money.

Imidor 350 SC insecticide

Imidor 350 SC from Protek is a systemic insecticide with long-lasting residual action for the control of sucking and biting insects such as aphids (including conifer aphids), psylla on citrus trees, red scale, whitefly, mealybugs, mole crickets and white grub. It is used as a seasonal application applied to the root area and used as a preventative and curative control. It comes in 100ml and 500ml containers, offering real value for money!

Cordless Pole Pruner/Saw

Cut and prune branches up to 4m from the ground with this high-performance battery-operated pole saw. It features a fully adjustable cutting head and rotating rear handle to make it easy to control and get the job done. No ladder is needed with this chainsaw as it has an adjustable 30° angled cutting head and extendable shaft that can reach up to 4m, as well as chain speed of 5.5m/s. Get more done, faster and easier. www.worxtools.co.za/

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