Valentine’s Day in the Garden

Keep the love flowing this Valentine’s Day by giving your loved ones some gardening-inspired gifts.

Sprouts – the fast food you should be eating

Sprouts are one of the easiest foods you can grow indoors, on a windowsill or on your kitchen counter.

Starke Ayres introduces their new Sprout range – the fast food you should be eating! Love your body and plant Starke Ayres sprout seeds to spruce up your salads and vegetables.


Propagation stations

Minimaal en Mooi has skilled artisans that handcraft hardwood products like these Rosewood Desktop Propagation Stations, which are made from a solid block of rosewood. They make propagating cuttings simple and easy, and beautifully display your choice of indoor plants while they are rooting. They can also be used for fresh flowers. Each product comes with glass test tubes that are easily removed for cleaning. The wood is coated in a hardwearing finish that has a satin look, which brings out the natural colour and grain of the wood.

Order online at www.minimaalenmooi.com

Reduce the bad buzzing insects

Makhro Home and Garden has three new products to help to ensure an insect-free household.

Karba 850 is a wettable powder that easily dissolves in water, making it an easy insecticide to use in your household. With a measuring spoon conveniently included in the box, it’s as easy as a scoop and a quick mix, and you are ready to spray the insects away.

Alpha-Thrin is a high-performance concentrate insecticide, so is a perfect solution for long-term control over a broad spectrum of public-health pests. It is also odourless, has a low toxicity level and application rate, and causes no stains

Combining active ingredients from two different chemical classes that provide two very different modes of action makes Rossi 200 SUPER a powerhouse of a product. Due to its low odour and excellent residuality capabilities, Rossi is an ideal pest control product to be used in homes, hotels, hostels, restaurant kitchens, and many more.


New Mega Packs of seed

MayFord Seeds is releasing a Mega Pack range of 12 favourite flower seeds. This means that gardeners will be able to fill their flower beds and patio pots with gorgeous colour without punishing their wallets. There are new icons on the packaging to help you select what you need quickly and easily, including things like ‘Throw & Sow’, ‘Waterwise’, ‘Indigenous’, ‘Bee Friendly’, ‘Cut’, and icons for how much space the seed will cover, like ‘Enough for 5m²’. The sowing instructions on the back of the packs have also been revamped for ease of use.

There are already packs for Spring and Summer, and Autumn is coming soon.


The next generation in fittings

The team of experts in Germany have been hard at work to enhance and refine Gardena’s hose fittings, and the new and improved soft-touch garden fittings are now available in South Africa. The designers have made the fittings with 30% more grip in a higher-grade material that has improved weather resistance. In fact, they carry a 5-year warranty and are UV and frost protected. They have added more structures and designs to make the fittings leak-free and practically break and chip free. It’s time for an upgrade!


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