The Japanese are especially fond of Miscanthus Sinensis, an ornamental grass that features prominently in their rituals.

Both of us have planted a new variety called Miscanthus Sinensis var. Condensatus ‘Cabaret’ and we were highly impressed with it. ‘Cabaret’ forms a dense clump over 1 m tall and about 2 m wide. Its slender, ribbon-shaped leaves have creamy white midriffs and very dark green edges. The reed-like flowering stems produce dark pink or coppery plumes that remain on the plant for some time, eventually fading to a creamy colour.

To enjoy it to best effect, plant ‘Cabaret’ near a water feature or in a grass garden with other ornamental grasses. It is also a good filler plant for a tropical style garden.

When do they Bloom?

The plumes appear in late spring and remain until autumn.

Most Suitable Climate

It grows everywhere except in very cold climates.

What they Need

Location: full sun to light shade.
Soil: any soil type with good drainage is fine.
Water: medium water consumption.
Fertilizing and pruning: use compost in the planting holes, and feed with a dose of nitrogen-rich fertilizer in spring for lush growth. Trim back severely in late autumn.

In a Nutshell

* Elegant, striped, ornamental grass.
* Most attractive near water features.
* Good for tropical-style gardens.
* Lovely wavy plumes.