Lantana montevidensis

Trailing Lantana

Lantana Montevidensis is a trailing, semi-woody evergreen that can either be used as a ground cover or to create small hedges. Unlike other Lantana species that become frantically overgrown and horribly unwelcome in any garden, these have a dainty nature and delicate stems that rarely become troublesome. It bears delicate pink-mauve or yellow flowers for most of the year.

Whilst it is illegal to buy seed-producing invasive Lantana species in this country, the sterile varieties of Lantana Montevidensis are neither considered invasive nor classified as aliens and are available in garden centres.

Lantana Montevidensis is not fussy regarding the type of soil it requires, but it is essential to place it in a position where it will get plenty of warmth and be able to soak up the sun. It is drought tolerant and perfect for rockeries and even for trailing over stone walls.

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