Potted Mini Roses

A potted rose has many uses – it can make a lovely gift and can spruce up a patio or brightly lit indoor spot in a flash.

There are also several colours available and they last for ages in their pots. Once they have finished flowering, they can be popped into the garden to continue giving of their best for years to come. Now that’s a gift that lasts! In fact, if you ask Tanya Visser about potted roses, she will probably mention the 3 potted roses she purchased for her Mom that were later planted in wooden barrels and are still growing today – 12 years later.

Indoor and patio care

If cared for well indoors, potted roses can flower for a very long time. Here are some tips to make sure they do:

Light – roses need lots of light indoors and will not do well in a dark corner. Make sure to give them several hours of sunlight a day.

Water – potted roses need plenty of water, but don’t like to be waterlogged. Test the soil every few days and water if dry but don’t let it sit in water. The plants should be well-drained before putting back on any saucers or pot trays.

Air – it’s important that roses get enough air circulation. If they don’t, you might be attracting some very unwanted fungal diseases and pests. Don’t place too close to other plants.

Deadhead – remove any faded or dying flowers by cutting them off with a sharp pair of secateurs at a 45° angle.

Yellow leaves – this is a sign of many things in a rose including lack of sunlight, not enough water and dry air. Check on all these things and remove any yellowing leaves.

Into the garden

Once your potted rose has given much pleasure indoors and has stopped flowering, it can be planted into the garden. Cut the whole plant back by one third leaving two thirds of its bulk. Choose a sunny spot that receives at least 5 hours of sun a day. Prepare the planting hole with lots of compost, a few handfuls of organic pelletised slow-release fertiliser and a few handfuls bonemeal. Plant the rose and water in well. Keep watering until well settled.

Into new pots

You can also plant potted roses into new bigger pots. Choose a container that is at least 30cm x 30cm and fill with a mix of potting soil with a few handfuls of bonemeal and organic pelletised slow-release fertiliser for an extra boost. Cut back the roses as you would for in the garden and plant in the pots watering in well. Place in a sunny spot, keep it watered and wait for the lovely new spring growth to sprout.

Potted mini roses grown by LVG Plants are available from retail outlets and nurseries.

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