GuanoBoost – Your Garden Nutrition Solution!

All living things need nutrition. You feed your body continuously – so why not your plants?

GuanoBoost was founded with one goal in mind; to help people to have the lushest, greenest and healthiest lawns and gardens possible of which they could be proud of!

If you are wondering how to have a beautiful lawn this summer in record time without the use of harmful chemicals that’s safe for your pets and kids and won’t burn your plants… 100% organic GuanoBoost is your answer!

GuanoBoost is a complete garden nutrition solution that works for lawns, trees, shrubs, veggies, succulents and indoor plants. You only have to use GuanoBoost once a month throughout the year for amazingly healthy green lawns, plants and trees.

So guess what? If you know what to do, it can be really easily achieved! If you have the right strategy, achieving your goal of a lush, green lawn and garden is easier than you think.

Fertilizing your lawn once a month is an important part of your lawn and care protocol. It ensures you maintain a thick, green lush lawn, but also prevents patching and weed invasion. But, if at all possible, you want to avoid putting harmful chemical based fertilizers on your lawn. Chemical fertilizers may feed the grass, but they can also have a negative impact on soil life and soil texture, and do nothing to increase organic matter. Chemical fertilizers can also over stimulate growth, making turf more vulnerable to disease and insects.

You CAN have the perfect lawn that is safe for your kids and pets without using harmful chemicals.

GuanoBoost only contains nutrients, not toxins. It is made from 100% natural Sea Bird Guano. We only source our Guano from sustainable suppliers that harvest Guano off the coast of Namibia from ethically managed platforms. None of our guano is sourced from islands where the birds breeding habits can be disturbed.

Because of the unique ingredients of Sea Bird Guano in GuanoBoost containing over 30 different nutrients, fulvic acid and organic carbon and because of the advanced fermentation process we take it through during manufacturing, ALL the nutrients in GuanoBoost are in the right form that the plant can digest and are immediately available to the plant. It gives the plant an immediate boost of nutrients, we call this Nutrient Loading™! Bigger, better flowering on your trees and flowers.

Never be confused by fertiliser and plant nutrition again, you simply use GuanoBoost as a complete garden nutrition solution. GuanoBoost is SO easy to apply – you just mix it with water on a ratio of 1:20 and spray it. You can hand spray it, use a pressure spray or even use it in your irrigation system by applying it onto your lawn, plant leaves, fruit and vegetables for amazing results!

The most important initial step is to start applying a natural organic fertilizer. Your lawn, pets and kids will thank you over time!

To start converting your lawn, buy your first batch of GuanoBoost today online at www.guanoboost.co.za or contact us at hello@guanoboost.com for more information!

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