Natural Gardening

Gardening tasks like watering and feeding winter-flowering potted plants, pampering the crops in winter veggie beds, and the making of compost carries on as usual. But it can be so much easier with the aid of three natural products that will improve your soil structure, help to break down your compost faster, and increase your yield and flower production. It is not unlike adding special seasonings to your cooking to take the blandness away!

Compost Activator:

No more battles with a compost heap not breaking down if you use Makhro Compost Activator! This biodegradable product rejuvenates old compost heaps and will kick start a new one breaking the material down odour-free and fast. It can be used in commercial composters as well on a conventional compost heap. When you are ready to activate a new lot of composting material you have gathered together, mix 50ml of the activator with 5L of water and wet the compost with it until run-off. Cover the compost if not in a composter with plastic afterwards. Turn the compost and re-apply every two weeks, until ready to use. In ideal conditions, it would take six weeks. The 500ml package of Compost Activator is enough for 2 tons of compost. This product containing millions of beneficial microbe ready to degrade organic waste can also be used in septic tanks.

Grobest For Frisky Flowering Plants:

Grobest Liquid Fish Fertilizer is a natural fertiliser which will supply an abundance of minerals and vitamins to all plant types and can be used as a soil drench or foliar spray. Here is a handy tip to water and feed flowering houseplants like moth orchids, cyclamens or begonias without fuss:

  • Fill a square plastic container with 3L of tepid water.
  • Add 2.5ml of Grobest to the water.
  • Remove your houseplants from their decorative cover pots and stand them in the water to soak up the nutirent- rich liquid for about 20 minutes. Hydrating these plants from the bottom via capillary action is much better then dousing them from above.
  • Allow the plants to drain off and display them again in their cover pots.

Biosoil For Better Soil:

Biosoil is a concentrated solution of humic and fulvic acids, and also an excellent source of carbon. It is a natural supplement to feed the good pathogens and microbes naturally present in soil, encouraging them to work harder at breaking down vegetative matter efficiently. Biosoil improves the structure of clay soil by enhancing porosity and aeration and improves the water-holding capacity of sandy soil. The improved humic content Biosoil provides, make the nutrients already in soil more readily available by transporting it directly to the root zones ogf plants. With biosil as an adjuvant when fertilising your winter annuals or vegetables, your plants will get maximum use out the extra nutrients given. Use 50ml og Biosoil per 10L of water as a soil drench or add it to foliar nutrient sprays.

Natural Gardening

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