4-Point Spring Lawn Plan

Here is our easy to remember 4-point spring lawn plan to get your lawn looking green and lush as it wakes up from its winter slumber.

1. Spike

Spiking your lawn with a garden fork will aerate your lawn and boost its growth. There are several reasons why it should be part of your spring lawn plan. Aerating your lawn stimulates the root growth, which in turn positively encourages the top growth, resulting in a green, lush lawn.

When spiking your lawn, push the prongs of the fork into the ground to a depth of at least 7.5cm and then gently move the fork backwards and forwards to increase the size of the holes.

2. Fertilise

Fertilising your lawn with a balanced 2:3:2 fertiliser will give your lawn a good kickstart to help it recover from the harsh winter elements as well as encouraging strong roots. Use a fertiliser distributor or scatterer to help feed the area evenly.

3. Top dress

Applying a lawn dressing will help remedy uneven surfaces on your lawn. It is best to use commercially available lawn dressing for this as it is specially formulated for this job. Never apply a thick layer as it will kill the lawn. Apply small amounts, allow the lawn to grow through and repeat the process until the area is level. Tip: Use a spirit level to spread the lawn dressing easily while still getting an even surface.

4. Water

This is the last step in your spring lawn plan. Water in the fertiliser and lawn dressing well and sit back and watch your lawn thrive.

The Gardener