The Wonder of Plant Food

A good balance of nutrients in the soil passes into plants and again into humans in the case of edible plants. This is essential for keeping our bodies in good health. Feeding your plants is therefore the only way to make sure the cycle is complete. But this is not the only reason for feeding your plant; grazing animals and plants themselves get the benefits.

Farmers know that when a food crop is harvested, important nutrients in the soil are carried away with the harvest, leaving the soil lacking. If the soil is not replenished, the crop yields will suffer over time. Plant food is therefore essential to keeping the balance of nutrients in the soil. The most common elements found in plant foods are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and they each have a role to play.


Because plants are not able to absorb nitrogen from the air directly, they need to get their boost from the soil. Nitrogen promotes vegetative growth and is responsible for the greening of plants.


While this element occurs naturally in the soil, it is usually found deep below the surface and often beyond the reach of plant’s roots. Potassium is essential for vigorous growth and the manufacture of sugars and starches, and therefore improves flower and fruit production.

Give a plant what it needs

If we go back to basics, a plant, like all living things, needs water, air and food to grow. Germinating seeds develop roots to help them develop into plants, so it stands to reason that if we look after the roots of the plant, it will thrive and produce healthy fruits and flowers. By feeding from day one, you help roots develop, giving the plants a growth spurt and reducing transplant stress.

The benefits of liquid plant food

Liquid plant foods are very easy to use. They come in concentrated form and will need to be diluted in water before use. It is very important you do this exactly as the manufacturer has indicated as they are the experts and they have done enough research to give you the optimum way of getting it right. Products like Wondersol All Purpose, Wondersol Colour Boost Plant Food and Wonder Kelp can be used as a foliar feed and to feed the soil directly and they contain a balance of nutrients and micro-nutrients to do exactly what they say they do.

Here are some benefits of using a liquid plant food product:

  • Fast acting: As a liquid, it penetrates the soil immediately and plants are able to get to the nutrients faster. This is especially important if the plants are in stress due to transplanting or drought.
  • Uniform coverage: again, as a liquid, the spread of food is more consistent, feeding all the plants in an area with the same nutrients.
  • Liquid food is better at balancing the pH of the soil.
  • Quick and easy to use.

A good feeding schedule will make your garden the envy of your neighbours. Start today.

The Gardener