Happy Bean Peperomia

The happy bean peperomia or pincushion peperomia (Peperomia ferreyrae) is a weird little perennial epiphyte hailing from South American rainforests, and it doesn’t resemble the other peperomia family members at all.

The bright apple-green, semi-succulent leaves of the happy bean peperomia resemble bunches of pea pods or little boats tied to thick stems. This dainty plant likes bright light but not direct sun, and no sudden exposure to cold conditions, so it’s best to keep it in a cosy and protected spot. Correct watering is critical, with very little moisture in winter but a regular and proper drench in the warm months only when the top layer of soil feels dry.

Do not overdo the watering, though, as it will damage the plant. It does not appreciate any fertilising in winter but in summer will enjoy a monthly feed with a soluble fertiliser. As the root system is small and shallow, it seldom gets pot bound, but it will enjoy a potting over in spring into fresh growing medium, which should be a light and airy peat-based potting mix for houseplants. Repot into the same size pot or pick one 1½ sizes bigger. Since its natural habitat is in humid rain forests, it will enjoy a light spritz on very hot and dry days indoors.

The Gardener