Tanacetum vulgare


Tanacetum vulgare

Tanacetum Vulgare is an aromatic perennial that is evergreen and frost tolerant. With its grey-green, finely divided, ferny foliage and heads of yellow, button-like flowers, it makes an attractive garden plant.

The best position for Tansy is in full sun. Plant it in well-composted soil that drains well, and provide ample space for it in the garden because it grows up to 1.5 m high with an 80 cm spread.

The leaves and the flowers can be used, and the leaves are beneficial to the composting process. It is known to be a good companion for fruit trees and berries because it deters fruit moth and fruit fly. In the vegetable garden, it can be planted near cabbages, peppers and potatoes.

It attracts beneficial insects such as ladybirds and various natural predators and also deters a large number of pests, including ants, aphids, beetles, cabbage maggot and moth, cucumber beetle, cutworms, fleas, flies, fruit moth, mice, potato beetle, squash bug, squash vine borer, and white fly.

Tanacetum Vulgare is also very useful for keeping a wormery free of ants, especially in summer when the ants hunt for moisture. Tanacetum Vulgare branches can be strewn around the wormery, or a strong infusion can be made from the branches and leaves and used to wash down the area.

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