senecio 'angel wings'

Fabulous Senecio ‘Angel Wings’

Senecio candicans ‘Angel Wings’ is sure to catch the eye, whether growing outdoors in the garden or sitting indoors in a pretty pot!

Senecio ‘Angel Wings’: a frost-tender succulent is a fast grower that reaches up to 40cm high, with a rounded, evergreen growth habit made up of large, heart-shaped, silvery white leaves with slight indentations on their margins. Short, dense hairs on the surfaces of the leaves feel velvety to the touch. This striking plant grows actively from early spring to autumn, when it goes into a short period of dormancy. Just like its cousin Senecio ‘Dusty Miller’, it will produce bright yellow aster-like flowers in summer.

Growing Requirements

Position: Full sun or light shade outdoors, and bright light indoors.

Soil: Any soil will do as long as it drains very well. It is an excellent choice for sandy coastal soils. Use succulent soil mix or potting soil for pots and make sure that you supply a good drainage layer at the bottom.

Water: Young plants need regular water in summer, but once the plant is established the soil must dry out quite well between watering. This is a very drought-hardy plant!

Fertilising: Garden plants should be fed with a general fertiliser once a year, in spring. Contained plants should be fed monthly with a water soluble fertiliser.

Pruning: This plant can become floppy and should then be pruned back to firm stems in early spring to encourage new growth.

Propagation: Use the material pruned off in spring as cuttings to root new plants. The other propagation method is to divide the mother plant.

Pet hates: Cold, wet soil. In winter-rainfall areas this plant might fare better in a container that can be moved out of constant rain.

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