Decorating with Pots and Stands

This affordable range is bang on trend to make your chosen space simply beautiful.

Indoor gardening has become a very popular form of gardening in recent years, and it’s enormously helpful to get some tips on how to display pots together and discover what’s new on the market.

Holt has a range of affordable décor items perfect for turning a boring corner into a magazine cover. Here are some inspiring products to look out for at your local retailer or online:

Pots and Planters

This collection of ceramic planters can be used as pot covers and as planters and come in modern shapes and a range of trendy colours so that there is something for every room in the house.

Era pots are upright, come in various sizes and neutral colours including gold.

The Tusca range has an appealing curve. They come in various sizes and colours that include the neutrals but also brights like red, ochre and blue.

Amber pots have a matte finish in light pink, dark grey and white for mixing and matching or combining with other shapes and sizes.

These UV-protected moulded pots can be used both indoors and outdoors and they come in a range of colours.

Beton Bowl Planters have a realistic concrete-looking finish without the weight a concrete pot would have and they are very useful for grasses and succulents.

Wheaty Planters have a lovely texture that looks like a woven basket and they come in three different sizes, in white, stone grey and a bright mustard.

Sandy Planters are as their name suggests, decorated like moving desert sands and are available in white, taupe and dark grey. They come in three sizes and have their own drip tray.

Plant stands

Elevating your pot plants is the way to bring your prized plants up to eye level and the way to do it with the most panache is with plant stands. A plant stand needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing for the space and these will do the trick perfectly.

Isla and Lara Plant Stands are made of metal and come in 2 sizes: small and medium that will fit a range of pot sizes. They are black which makes them fit into a neutral setting with ease and they can be used indoors and also work well on a patio or balcony.

Natural and willow baskets

Baskets are the perfect way to add texture to an indoor design while at the same time disguising an ugly planter. They can also be used for everything from storing blankets, magazines and knitting to toys and kitchen utensils. The uses are endless. The range available is impressive and Holt offers inspirational designs for every situation in many shapes and sizes.

Avalon baskets are great for storage and for hiding plant pots. They look good and have a pleasing shape.

Delta split willow baskets are durable and give a natural finish to a room. They come in round and square and are available in one shade.

Easy to hang and great for any room in the house, Anne hanging baskets are ideal for climbing plants and vines. There are also standard baskets in this pattern.

Rachel maize-leaf baskets come in a range of sizes each with a pop of colour. You will find hanging varieties in this range too.

These round calabash-type baskets are made of seagrass and come with a plastic lining to preserve their structure. Look out for Jorck baskets which are only availabe in natural and black or natural and white.

Galvanised containers

Galvanised containers are steel containers that have been coated with a layer of zinc to prevent it rusting. By galvanising a container, it makes it into a plantable pot. These storage units can be used for storing all sorts of things and will fit in perfectly with other décor items on a shelf


  • Choose pot cover colours as a dinner party colour-theme and bring in potted plants to make a green centrepiece.
  • Learn a new skill and make macrame hangers for pots to hang or use hanging planter baskets. Using more of the vertical space makes a room more complete.
  • Add a more playful vibe to a corner with brighter colours and bolder shapes with pot covers.
  • A shelf painted the same shade as the wall is the perfect place to add a line of potted plants in pot covers mixed with natural baskets and décor items.
  • Go seasonal with flowering indoor plants like bulbs packed onto an entrance table. Each season will then present a different look to guests or just to please yourself.
  • Use large pot covers in the same colour to make a room divider.
  • Display plants on different levels and don’t forget the floor. Make use of pot stands to get different levels.

For more information on these products see holt.co.za Also available from leading retailers nationwide.


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