Get more from metal

Plastic may be incredibly versatile and useful in the garden, but sometimes you want something with more aesthetic appeal in the garden or on the patio. Knowing exactly this, First Dutch Brands has introduced a range of galvanised metal products that look good, are functional, and will last for years even in the harsh environment of the garden.


Galvanised metal buckets have so many uses around the home and garden, from mixing potting soil to carrying water to holding plant divisions until you’re ready to plant them, but we also love to use them in the garden as plant containers instead of traditional pots. The galvanised zinc finish comes in three different sizes (4.5L, 6L and 10L), while the smaller, more decorative ones are available in five standout colours (black, white, natural zinc, green and yellow).

Watering cans

It always feels better doing a job with a quality tool, and that applies to watering your plants too – you’re more likely to enjoy watering your pot plants if you do it with a beautiful galvanised watering can! These retro-styled watering cans are available in three different capacities (3.5L, 6.5L and 9L). While all three sizes are available in galvanised zinc, the 3.5L capacity also comes in both matt black and matt white.


In small spaces it is a great idea to move your garden vertical, using pots to make more growing space, and pots work wonders in jazzing up a big empty wall on patios and verandas.

An easy and effective way to do this is by using standard pots and mounting them using pot wall brackets, such as these metal ones by First Dutch Brands. Because they fit standard pots, you have an almost endless list of options to choose from, so you can mix and match easily and swap out plants with others to keep the plants and the walls looking fresh.

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