Pot Covers

There’s a classy pot cover to suit your taste and needs.

With indoor plants all the rage these days, a great gift idea is a beautiful indoor plant and a graceful pot cover that complements it. A very useful advantage of pot covers is that you don’t need many – you can easily and quickly slip one plant out of a pot cover and replace it with another, which is great if you have a collection of orchids or other flowering plants that may bloom at different times. These can be grown in cheap plastic pots, but displayed to their best in an elegant pot cover.

First Dutch Brands offers an extensive range of very sophisticated pot covers in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, so there is undoubtedly the answer to your personal needs and desires.

The Tusca is a range of gently curved pot covers varying in size from 13cm high and 13.5cm wide to 16cm high and 17cm wide. They are available in a variety of colours too, including glossy anthracite, matt black, matt taupe, matt white and gold. They are the perfect foil for tall, long-stemmed plants with large leaves and are also the perfect receptacle to show off your orchids in.

The more formal and modern Era pot covers are available in a few colours and patterns, such as light and dark matt grey as well as white, grey and gold with a relief pattern. Circular pot covers with straight sides, they are particularly effective when used in groups and planted with small, bright succulents that emphasise the classic profile of the pot covers. Era pot covers come in either 12.5cm (w) x 13.5cm (h) or 14.5cm (w) x 17.5cm (h) dimensions.

For a softer, more traditional and rustic look, the Nora range is the answer. These are available with a texture, and in colours such as brown, black and white.

In terms of size, they come in 13cm (w) x 14cm (h) or 15cm (w) x 16cm (h), and their solid appearance allows them to balance larger specimen plants beautifully, while the smaller Nora pot covers work well with just about any diminutive plant, including those with a cascading growth habit.

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