Good Things Come In Small Packages

A whole lot of garden goodness from Wonder Organics is now packed into 1kg boxes for ease of use and convenience.

Whether you have a large, medium, small garden or growing space like a balcony or even a kitchen windowsill, finding enough storage for your plant food is always a challenge. Limited storage space is where a smaller box of fertiliser is ideal – enough to last a while, but easy to pack away. The new Wonder Organics Fertiliser range of plant food is perfect for maintaining perfect plants all year round for all that grows!

We all know that feeding plants is the only way to keep them healthy and looking good. Did you know that keeping your plants healthy is also a way to keep plants pest and disease free? Plants that need to fight for nutrients will become stressed and that will trigger negative responses in plants. The solution is in the biostimulants that act alongside the nutrients in these products to reduce stress in plants by stimulating the uptake of nutrients, helping the plant’s natural defences against negative environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations, drought, salty soils, pests and diseases and improve the quality of the plants. Healthy plants mean less problems and minimum attacks by nasty pests, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

You can now get these three products to cover all of the garden in 1kg packs:

Wonder Super Bloom

Specially formulated to support plant health, strengthening roses and flowers from the inside out, Wonder Organics Super Bloom is all you need for excellent, large flowers and good foliage. The extra elements added to this blend include sulphur to withstand blackspot (especially for roses); zinc to build a plant’s resilience and carbon to increase the water retention in soils. It has all the nutrient required for super blooms and more of them.

Wonder Lawn Booster

Wonder Organics Lawn Booster is just what is says – a way to boost the growth of your lawn all year round and make it green, thick and healthy. A long list of micro-nutrients and iron makes a stronger, more resilient lawn that is happy and looks good. It’s suitable for all lawn types and even increases the beneficial microbes in the soil for all over garden health.

Wonder Veggie Garden

Specifically formulated to increase the nutrient value and taste of vegetables and herbs in the garden is Wonder Organics Veggie Garden. It supports the natural growth of edibles and gives them a boost so that they are healthier and give off their best when it comes time to harvest. It also encourages root development and plant growth to build immunity from pests and diseases.

How far will it go?

Just because it’s packed in a 1kg box, does not mean it won’t go far. Each of these boxes contain 1000g of superior colour-coated slow-release fertiliser. The recommended feeding schedule is every 4-6 weeks. The application rate is 25-50g per m2. So, with a bit of maths, we can confirm that feeding your plants every 6 weeks with 25g per m2 , will give you 40 doses/m2 . For a small garden the average size of 10 square metres, the box will last 6 months! That is good value.

For more information on these and other Wonder products contact the Consumer Careline 0861 333 586, email info@wonder.co.za or visit www.wonder.co.za

The Gardener