Water Use In Ornamental Landscapes and Gardens

Ornamental landscapes comprise a variety of aspects, such as design, aesthetics and functionality, and attempting to balance these features in a pleasing, well-planned landscape can be challenging at best. Added to that the need for the landscape to be sustainable and eco-friendly, and you are presented with a difficult task.

Dr Leslie Hoy, from Rand Water’s Environmental Management Services department, recognised this problem and set out to refine the way industry experts view landscape design and implementation in light of the need to conserve water in South Africa. His thesis focussed on tweaking landscape components to maximise water-saving in the design. One of the thirty elements considered was hydrozoning – ensuring that water use is applied in correct amounts to the landscape, and only when necessary. Hydrozoning focusses on grouping plants in the garden, strictly according to their water requirements.

The tools developed in his Landscape Irrigation Model for South Africa (LIMSA) can assist the Green Industry in design, planning and day-to-day operations, saving money and water.

For more information on ways to conserve water around your home and garden here. You can also plant these Crassulas for a more water wise garden.

The Gardener