More Euphorbia Diamonds

We are all familiar with the lovely Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’ and now we can enjoy two more varieties that are equally as special.

Diamond Frost

Before we introduce the new ‘diamonds’, let’s recap the features of Euphorbia hypericifolia ‘Diamond Frost’. Firstly, it’s a very low maintenance plant that features pretty pure white bracts all year round. Then it adds an ethereal texture to a flower border or on a patio in pots in semi-shade to full sun. In cooler climates it can be treated as an annual but can also be brought indoors in the cooler weather to be loved like a perennial. It will need moist rich soil with good drainage and definitely a good plant food every 6 weeks to keep it flowering and looking good. Growth to 30cm x 30cm.

Diamond Snow

A very hardy plant, this Euphorbia ‘Diamond Snow’ has dense clouds of white flowers and does very well both in containers and in the garden. Plant in either full sun or partial shade in average soil and once established they have very little water needs, is extremely heat tolerant and self-cleaning so no deadheading needed. This diamond has a compact mounding habit growing 30cm x 50cm. It needs regular feeding and protection from frost.

Diamond Star

An excellent plant for texture and form is Euphorbia ‘Diamond Star’. It flowers continuously with airy white flowers through spring and summer. It will grow equally well in full sun and partial shade in the garden or in a container in well-draining soil with plenty of compost added. It is very tolerant of high temperatures and has low water needs. Feed regularly for ultimate health and glorious flowering. Growing to 20cm x 25cm.

All these Proven Winners plants are available at leading nurseries and garden centres countrywide.

The Gardener