Aloe Barberae

Tree Aloe


The tree aloe can grow as tall as 12m and branch broadly. It is one of mother nature’s architectural masterpieces.

There is no better example of stately ‘green’ elegance than a tree aloe happily growing in its natural habitat, full of tubular flowers in winter, in shades of pinky-red to deep salmon-orange.

These days the tree aloe is a highly fashionable plant. It is freely available and is widely used as an accent plant in large containers or in rock or grass gardens. It will grow in almost any garden, except those that are subjected to severe frost. The rate of growth is fast and you can beg a few stem shoots from a gardening friend. Let them dry out completely for a week or two before planting them in well-drained soil. (Also add a few spades full of coarse river sand to the hole).


The Gardener